Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thanks for the Sunshine! (I'm So Pasty.)

I got a blog award!  Red Nomad Oz was kind enough to think of me when handing out the Sunshine Award.

This award is given to "those whose positivity and creativity inspires others on the blogosphere."  Thanks Red!  Red travels Australia, providing commentary and photos of the stunning landscape.  So when you need to see some beautiful photos and read some funniness, go check her out!

Here are the rules for this award:
A)  Thank the person who gave this award.
B)  Answer the following questions below.
C)  Pass the award on to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.

1.  Favourite colour?  
This question has come up before and my answer was grey.

Nope. Just kidding. Still grey.

2.  Favourite animal?  
Aside from my pup, I'd say giant pandas.  I got a stuffed toy when I was 5 and the love affair began.

3.  Favourite number?  
Lucky number 13, baby. 

Just like my friend Red.  I can't help but wonder if this has any bearing on my general good fortune.

4.  Favourite drink?  
Plain?  Water.

Alcoholic? Red wine. 

Caffeinated? Coffee. 

5.  Facebook or Twitter?  I've become quite the Twitter fiend, but I'm also always on Facebook when I'm online.

6.  Your passion?  Well I'm Canadian so "passion" is kind of a strong term.  I do love to run and to draw.

Though I think we can all agree I should never do both at the same time...especially when running down a hill as I seem to be doing in this picture.

7.   Giving or getting presents?  I love finding the perfect gift for someone.  

But let's be real, who doesn't love getting presents??

8.  Favourite day? 
This reminds me of the 'perfect date' quote in Miss Congeniality:

So, that said, my favourite day is SATURDAY!

9.  Favourite flower? 
I love roses. 

And now, for the 10 bloggers to whom I shall pass this on (no pressure to post the award, but these are fun reads for me).

Mayor Gia  She's funny, sarcastic, does drawings, and is definitely for the not-offended-by-language crowd.
Cranface  He is funny, sarcastic, does drawings, and is definitely for the not-offended-by-language crowd. (You really can't have Cranface without Gia, and vice versa).
Pickleope Witty, bizarre, brilliant.  With drawings.
One Mixed Bag Bernie has a big heart, rivaled only by her big sense of humour.  I love her Wordless Wednesdays.
Watch Me Go Run Her signature 'cheeseball' grin lets you know that while she's serious about running, she doesn't take herself too seriously.
B for Bel  Bel finds some of the coolest and most fun things on the net.
The Athletarian She's a runner, a vegetarian, and promotes health without being preachy.
This Spartan Will!  She will be racing Ironman Arizona this year.  That's inspiring.
On the Road Again Megan  About to have a baby, ready to run again.  I can relate to the ready-to-run-again part.
TexaGermaFinlaNadian Moving to different countries every hockey season, I live vicariously through her.

If you saw some repeats up there from previous award posts, it's because these are the sites that draw me in with every new post.

I now have a serious request:  I know a lot of you have started hosting your own domain. Can you please share with me the benefits (and frustrations) of doing this?  Thanks!



  1. An award!??! I'M SO HONORED!!!!! Thank you!!

    And I really really love the drawings on this post. Especially the coffee and black cat ones. Adorable.


    I think the way you draw eyelashes is my absolute favorite ever =) and i'm a grey girl too!

  3. I love the drawings on this one!
    The Facebook twitter one had me laughing.

  4. The best part about this post is the wit. It is truly fun and honest!

  5. I almost *died* when I thought grey was no longer your favorite color. I was thinking, "whatttt? all is no longer right in the world!" Love the Ms. Congeniality pic. Thanks for tagging me, I'll fill this out tomorrow! Hope you're having a good weekend, my dear. Oh, PS - I really hope you have that furious look on your face when you tweet/fb, because it's priceless

  6. Mmmm Red wine. My favorite too. Which reminds me, I'm due for my yearly whitestrips.

    Congrats on another well deserved award!!!

  7. Gia: You're so welcome! Yours is one I always enjoy reading...and your drawings are great too of course! Glad you liked the cat. I've never drawn one before.

    Jenn: Thanks. Eyelashes are fun; it's the little things :) So happy you love grey too. It just goes with everything, like more grey.

    A party and a HALF: Thank you! Twitter really does make me fiendish. And don't even get me started on the #chats. I've tried twice but I can't keep up.

    Meghan: Thanks! I haven't seen you in a while! I wonder if Blogger isn't showing me your updates; I must go check that out!

    MegO: Holy cow, can you imagine? (As I sit here in my brand new grey Nike running shirt). I could turn on my webcam to check, but I'm pretty sure that is an accurate portrayal of my tweet face :) Looking forward to your post!

    VV: Thank you! Oh yeah, white strips. Those things are handy. My favourite drinks are an ad for those, aren't they?

  8. Yes to a Miss Congeniality reference! And I agree on Saturday. I will never understand why people say Friday because you still have to go to work on Friday.

  9. I love your drawings!! I wish I could draw. So jealous.

  10. runningonwords: I love that movie. So funny. And that's *exactly* how I feel about Friday! Saturday is the perfect day of the week :)

    Miss Sassy Pants: Thank you :)

  11. Love those pix! LOVE THEM!!!! And it's nice to know that while athletically we have little (actually nothing!) in common, our shared love of #13 has brought us both good luck!!!

    Thanx for your kind words - and for passing the Sunshine award on so stylishly!!!

  12. Aw thanks Tri-Girl, too kind! Originally my blog was going to free of swears, but sometimes there is nothing better at describing a situation than a swear word. Or maybe this just shows I'm not very literate... sh...oot. C wot I did thar.

    I especially loved your drawings in this one. The coffee drinking Tri-Girl sums up that drink perfectly!

  13. Red: Again, thank you for the award. 13 really is the best of all the numbers :P

    Cranface: You're welcome (and thanks for the kind words in your comment)! I really don't care about the language, just want to warn others since I don't have it on here. I think you are quite the wordsmith so if I've offended you, fu...dge. Hehe.

  14. Loved the eyelashes!!! Congrats on the award...well deserved!! As for the getting a blog up and going...that'd be me. Working on it and spinning in circles!

  15. Oh WOW, THANK YOU for the award!!!! I'm so honoured!!!! :D :D I'm sooo glad you enjoy reading, and thank you for being such a supportive reader!

    Belly B :)

  16. Carrie: Thanks! How did the bf like the quilt? I would love to see your blog when you've got something up!

    Belly B: You're very welcome! Your blog is just so fun :)

  17. Haha, I love all your answers, esp the Miss Congeniality shout out. Too funny, you are so cute. And THANK YOU for the award. You are the best and made me smile. Want to check out a few of the other recipients now too!

  18. Thank you for the award. Your answers are so much cooler because you have pictures with them.

    As far as the domain thing. I got my own about a month after I started blogging. The free Wordpress didn't allow me to jazz up my page as much as I wanted. Mr. Bernie takes care of all the fees and is my webmaster, per say. i have had no problems with it. I did lock myself out of my account once by using the wrong password too many times. So he got all PMSy and griped, but other than that its been good.

  19. Texa: You're sweet :) And you're welcome! Yes, I think you should check the others out!

    Bernie: You're so welcome. Thank you for answering the question about self-hosting! I was thinking next time I would have to ask in picture format to get people to pay attention to it! :D

  20. love a lot of those bloggers - miss. congeniality was on tv today!!!!!! lol SO AWESOME

    loved all your answers...and as we've already discussed pour that red wine...or pass the bottle

  21. Thank you thank you thank you a thousand times thank you! I really appreciate it.
    Sorry I didn't see it sooner, I was out of pocket, but I will be answering these in my own special way soon.
    Congrats on your award, that you were kind enough to share.

  22. Ali: I agree about those bloggers! Funny that movie was on. I'll think of you the next time I have some wine :)

    Pickleope: You're welcome! I noticed your absence but did not want to stalk you. I look forward to your answers!

  23. Congrats on your award!

    Also, Canadians unite!

  24. The line about passion being perhaps too strong a word for a Canadian stuck with me.

  25. T. Roger: Well, generally not passionate, except when I hear the PM has done something ridiculous :P

  26. Gahhh! How did I miss this post? Thank you for my award. I will need to catch up and post on this soon! You had me dying laughing at "I'm Canadian, so passion is kind of a strong term" lol.

  27. Haha Oh man you are a crack up. Red wine has a special place in my heart. I think this has to be incorporated in one of our meet ups ;-)

  28. skipping: We can add wine to our long as I get a drive :D


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