Sunday, April 5, 2015

"What Exactly are You *Doing* in the Sauna?" and Other Locker Room Questions

Hey there! I know I've been barely blogging and I've really missed you guys! I hope you'll forgive me, because I have stories to tell!

Ok, here we go!

A couple of months ago I started going to the gym again, mostly for the pool. I usually swim, then hit the sauna, shower, get dressed, and head out on my merry way.

Now, I'm no expert, but my understanding of the sauna is that you sit in there to relax and enjoy the heat.

It would appear that I might be wrong though, because here are some of the things I have seen while in my gym sauna:

1. Loud conversations.

2. Texting.

3. Loud music.

4. Vigorous, and I mean vigorous, exercising.

My friend, Adrian, did point out that this girl could have been cutting weight for a fitness or bikini competition.

5. Vigorous...drying.

You know what's worse than avoiding eye contact with someone drying their privates? Accidentally looking down directly AT their privates.

Now let's talk about the showers:

Actually, I realized my issue with the showers is just that: my issue. If some ladies want to chit chat in their birthday suits with the shower curtains open, then more power to them.

Finally, let's discuss these puzzling behaviours in the changing area:

1. Spreading clothes, towels, etc.. across the entire bench.

2. Sitting right next to me as I'm getting dressed.

3. Eating.

Because nothing gets the appetite going like the smell of sweat.

How about you? 
1. What are some of the puzzling or downright annoying things you see in your gym locker room? 
2. Are you footloose and fancy-free about your nudity?
3. Gents? What goes on in the men's locker rooms?
4. Is it me? Maybe I just need to start yelling "Get off my lawn out of my locker room!"



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