Tuesday, January 17, 2012

April the Athlete

During my "off-season", I've had to find ways to stay in shape without being able to swim, bike or run.  For those of you who don't know, we have a dog.  Her name is April.  This is how I've shown her before:

When we first got her from the 'pound', they described her as one who likes to show off her athletic prowess.  What we didn't realize was that behind those innocent words was a deeper story (cue the ominous background music and the slow-mo video of April frolicking in the yard).

It turned out, April was actually working hard toward Olympic athlete  status.  Over the years she has continued to develop her skills.  She is, in fact, so talented that she trains regularly for not one, but two events!

They are

The High Jump:


The 100 Metre Dash:

(She really does have a purple tongue.)

These of course lead to our own 'special' version of the Indoor/Outdoor Olympics.

Event 1-The obscenity rant:

(I, of course, say the actual words in real life.)

This is immediately followed by

Event 2-The obstacle course from the back door to the front door:

You must get a dog treat along the way or you will be disqualified.

Next is

Event 3-The mad dash to stuff your feet in a pair of shoes while simultaneously grabbing the leash and lunging out the front door:

Bonus points for making it down the front steps without tripping or losing a shoe.

This leads to

Event 4-The "gentle" call while jogging down the street.

The jog will be in the dark.

More than likely in the rain.

These events all lead up to the inevitable scolding when April comes out of the neighbour's garage at the end of the street, having eaten as much dog and cat food as she can get away with.

But really, how can you stay mad at a face like that?


So, how do you all stay fresh in the off-season?



  1. bahaha, oh April. Her and Gizzy would be a dynamic duo. I love the angry tri-girl face and your fake swear words. I can't picture you using them in real life, you seem far too innocent :)

  2. LOL Almost makes me want another dog! hahaha

  3. I stay in shape the same way you do. Mine doesn't end in the garage of the neighbor, but down the street leaving a little poo behind. That's my only chance to catch my mutt. Don't you love how they become completely deaf when participating in their doggie olympics?

  4. That's hilarious! Way to stay active:) my dogs are too lazy to ever try anything like that. Although they have gotten out a couple of times. They always run to our neighbor's house where their dog buddy lives. I can never stay mad at my dogs no matter what they do:). I'm hoping to get to the gym as soon as all the snow melts.

  5. Awww!!! I think I'm in love with your dog. I'm sorry if that's awkward for you. :P

  6. MegO: You know how they say we start to look like our dogs? I think you and I must just act like our dogs (spaz out!) As for the language, yes my mother said she always had to look out for me...i look a little too innocent :D

    Kristin: You're welcome to come walk mine! Though you'd have to move continents and hemispheres!

    Carrie: Aww, she (he?) leaves a trail for you to find her (him?) ;) And yes, it's amazing how they get tunnel vision and lose their hearing.

    hiker mom: There are so many dogs on our street, and some wander during the day. I could walk to the gym...but I didn't. Maybe tomorrow :)

    Gia: No, it's not awkward. I love her too :)

  7. OH I love April!!! and this post had me laughing aloud!!!!! Colin even asked what was going on....I'll have to show him. I know that routine all too well. Not /w my current dog Rex but my old pup Wiley.

    Here's my one piece of advice (unless you really do need the training) STOP EVERYTHING and get your car keys and jump in the car. Call her from it and then she'll come flying to get in ;) works every time!

    the funny part is their disappointment when you just drive back home!

  8. "Duck me"? Hmmm, "duck me", "duck me", "me I duck". What could you possibly mean by "duck me"?
    I am very jealous of your dog-drawing capabilities. For the life of me I can't draw a dog. Your drawing is great.
    I don't do the Iron-Dog Triathadog, but it seems more exhausting than P90X. Your dog is really into "muscle confusion".
    That was really fun and funny. Great post.

  9. Ali Mc: I haven't ever thought of the car! She does like it but there is the thing about her being black, and it's at night...and the reflectors on her leash have rubbed off :)

    Pickleope: I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with 'truck' :D
    It's not like I've drawn the spitting image of April, but thank you :) Yes, she is good at confusing, and at being confused.

  10. awwwwwwwww april! obviously you two were meant for each other!

  11. Julia says "Hi April"!! She is such a great dog and so adorable with her purple tongue too :)

    Ah, the things we do for our pets. Mine is a 6 pound lop earred rabbit who tries really hard to destroy my house one pee mark at a time. UGH!!

    hope you survive the Blizzard of the Century!!

  12. Sorry, I just have to say again that your drawings are awesome!


  13. This post had me cracking up!!! Dogs are awesome, aren't they?!

  14. cyn: That's true.

    Erika: So glad she got over her fear! Bunnies are cute. Sorry yours is trying to destroy your house. The snow has finally stopped...now we have freezing rain.

    Allie: Thank you. You don't need to be sorry ;)

    Heather: Thanks! They are :)

  15. OMG So stinkin cute! My puppy (who lives with my mom in CA) likes to bolt out the front door too. Seems like you have it figured out how to get her back! Does she make a good running buddy?

  16. OMG So stinkin cute! My puppy (who lives with my mom in CA) likes to bolt out the front door too. Seems like you have it figured out how to get her back! Does she make a good running buddy?

  17. so glad you invited the FF crew over! and now I'm commenting! wha-bam!! but for real... I love this blog. xo

  18. Okay, this is as cute as can be. I love your drawings. I also love the clever, short descriptions. You and your escape artist must be a lot of fun. Glad I came here to check this out.

  19. thanks for stopping by my blog!! i love ur post and the art...i'm so happy to find another person who does artwork as their visuals instead of real photos...hehe. :)

    oh man, that April...she's going to keep u fit in the off season for sure!

  20. OMGoodness! You are hilarious!

    I have two boys. It's kind of like having dogs. Except they talk back. ;o)

  21. skipping: Yeah, I can get her back but she makes me crazy when she does that! And no, she is a horrible running partner. She sprints and then gets distracted and stops on a dime. Then after less than a mile she's done :)

    Rebekah: Whew! After all that, I'm so glad you like it here :D (Thanks for the comment!)

    Alexandra: Thanks! I'm so glad you came by! How'd you find out about me? ;)

    Cait: So glad Ali Mc mentioned you! I have a special place in my heart for other 'drawn' blogs.

  22. MCM Mama: I am grateful that April can't talk back. But I understand her disdainful groans and exasperated huffs and puffs. Luckily, she's not a picky eater and she doesn't outgrow clothes :)

  23. can i puppy sit april? i swear i wont let her run away =) and omg "for the love of blog?" i'm dying over here!

  24. I'm so worried this will be me if I trust my little dog behind a fence. She has a 4 foot vertical and is regularly on top of the refrigerator. Aren't pets wonderful?

  25. Jenn: Come on over! She loves new people :)

    runningonwords: I would be so ticked if April jumped on top of the fridge! (Though there isn't really room for her up there). It's a good thing they're cute.

  26. I don't think I'd have the energy to keep up with a dog like that. :P

  27. Haha, your illustrations nailed it! Too funny. She seems like she is perfect in your family.

  28. DWei: Thankfully she is very calm the rest of the time :)

    Texa: Yes, I suppose she is :)

  29. Dogs get away with so much because they are so dang cute! Glad she's keeping you active :)

    When I'm not running I'm usually lifting weights or finding some crazy fitness classes to go to!

  30. Christina: Yeah, she's cute :) You are a workout beast!

  31. hahahaha I've definitely done a few of these events...and the dog wasn't even mine! lol I think I'm most proficient in the event 1-I've had lots of practice at that one haha

  32. Event #1 is my favorite by far. Mother Trucker?? I'm actually going to use these at work. The blog version that is.

  33. AmandaDF: Based on the comments, I think we could have a good competition for Event 1 :D

    VV: Have you not ever heard 'mother trucker?' (And was that really 'Dustin' that commented? Sounded like it!)

  34. Hilarious! Your animations make it so much funnier! Hope you're having a great week friend! ♥ BJ


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