Monday, February 4, 2013

Pre-Run Calisthenics are Pretty Dynamic

Before I get into this post's follies extremely serious training update, I have something VERY IMPORTANT to discuss:

 I discovered that most of you do not see the replies I leave to all your wonderful comments.

So from now on I will respond in 2 ways.

Way Number One:
I will continue to reply in the comments section because I like the idea of keeping the conversation going.  If you want to see when I reply to your comment and see others' comments, you can hit the subscribe button when you submit your comment.

Way Numero Dos:
I will also email you my responses, to make sure that you actually see what I write to you!  So, if you have a Blogger account, make sure you have an email address in your profile.  You can also just leave your email address in your comment!  Otherwise, there is no way for me to respond.

Just thinking about all those replies going unread for the past 2 thinking I didn't care...

Alright, time to move on to the meat of the post.


Last weekend I joined Ann Marie and Dr. Tim on a nice 7 mile run.

When I left my house it was cold and raining.  When I got to Ann Marie's it was cold, but not that cold, and it was not raining.  I decided that my rain jacket would be too hot so I chose to just run in my long sleeve tech hoodie.  Oh, and my pants. I decided to keep those on too. Gone are the days of pants-optional workouts:

Commando no mo'.

Ann Marie let me know they had started doing "calisthenics" before their runs and asked if I wouldn't mind joining in on our way out the door.  I readily agreed since I've heard that dynamic stretching is important pre-run to avoid injuries.

We started down the hill with Frankenstein Walking.

People were looking at us.

Next, Ann Marie told me were going to look like robbers.  She demonstrated the over/unders.

This is when things started to fall apart.

Nevertheless, I partook, even with people watching us.

I think my form might have been a bit off.

Once the stretching was done I decided to pull up my hood, and just before we took off running, Dr. Tim had a question.

Finally, we started running.  We ran uphill.  For like, the first 2 miles.  Then we ran downhill about half a mile.  Then, it was uphill again.  Then it was reeeeaaalllllyyyy uphill.  Followed by a quick downhill.  Which was then followed by a sharp uphill. And then....well, you get the point.  The elevation chart looked something like this:

*Bonus points if you get the pun in the picture.

By mile 4 it had started raining.

By mile 5 it was Raining.

As usual, we sprinted at the end to the very last step of our run!  Dr. Tim won.  I then looked down at my watch and saw we were 0.4 miles short of our full 7 miles.

We couldn't leave that less-than-half-a-mile out there, so off we went around the block.  Yeah, maybe a little crazy, but those who run in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, right runners?

I'm linking up with Yeah Write again this week!  Go read some amazing blog posts!



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