Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Guest Post and Other Business

Hey guys,  I did something a little different today.  I wrote a guest post over at A Doctor in the House by Andrea, a medical student.  It doesn't have any stick figures in it, and it isn't funny but it is a story I am glad to share.  It is about my father having his stroke in 2000 and what that meant for my family.  It is good to know that med students are interested in how events like these extend beyond the patient's hospital stay.

The other piece of news I have is just a reminder that there is still time to enter my TriForever giveaway!  It is open until Sunday night, 10 pm PST.  Head on over to the post to see what it is about and to check out my awesome mullet!

And just so you know, I'm working on my long run post this week.  I hope to have it up in a few days!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Business in the Front, Party in the Back: A TriForever Review and Giveaway!

UPDATE 9/30/12:

Hey everyone!  Last month I was contacted by the lovely Rachel at TriForever about doing a giveaway and review.  Never one to turn down the chance for free running gear to increase my readership to give my readers some cool presents, I said yes! They have a TON of fun stuff ont their site and are triathletes themselves with a love for fellow racers, as you can see on their Facebook page! I went to their site and spent the weekend trying to decide what to get!  I went with a tech shirt since I could wear it to work out and then give you guys the lowdown.  Also, I could be confident with the giveaway part!

*That was a joke.  I have no cars to give away.

I chose what I thought was a pretty clever quote and sent off my order.  It came with the saying on the back rather than the front, so my one suggestion is to not be a dolt like me, and double check your order details (I think I was just looking at the different variations and must not have clicked the 'front' button again).  I decided that having the writing on the back just meant I would have to run faster so that there would be people behind me to read it!

Plus, it seemed like a good nod to 80s fashion, which is making a comeback in a big, bad way:

Business in the front,


Did you guys get the reference with the 80s mullet? Too much of a stretch?  Let's move on. (Real photos at the end of the post.)

I took my shirt out for a spin a couple of weekends ago for my last long run before my half marathon.  Despite the fact that it was a black shirt and I wore it at noon on a sunny day for an 11 mile run (because I'm a genius), it vented extremely well.  I liked the fit; it was a feminine cut but still loose.  I went with a size larger than I could have because I have a hard time fitting my chest (HA!) shoulders.

The sleeve seams did not chafe at all (a common issue for me).  I also felt that I could move my arms freely throughout the run.

Classic mid-run horsefly evasion tactics.

At the end of the run I was definitely sweaty, but no more so than usual.

I've since washed  the shirt and air-dried it, and so far the lettering is intact and the fit has not changed.  I like having loose, breathable t-shirts to run in and this one fits the bill.  Plus, it has a fun saying without being obnoxious!

And just so you know what you are entering for (if you choose a shirt) here are some real photos:



Like I said, there are many options on the website, including clothes, jewelry, headgear, bib and award displays, and safety gear.  TriForever is offering a $25 gift card to one of you lucky ducks!  This contest is open to everyone (i.e. not limited to the United States), but please be aware that shipping costs vary by location and may not be entirely covered by the gift card, depending on your item of choice and where you live.

If you would like to enter, here is how to do it!

  1. Follow me and leave a comment! It's time for me to get some new numbers on GFC :)  If you already follow,  leave a comment saying so.
  2. Go to TriForever, then come back and leave a comment telling me what you would order if you won.
Optional Extra Entries!

  1. Follow me on Twitter.  I'm @triingathlete! Leave a comment here.
  2. Follow TriForever on Twitter.  They're @TRIforever1!  Leave a comment here.
  3. Tweet about the giveaway with something like "I want to win @triingathlete's giveaway for a gift card from @Triforever1!" Leave a comment here.

This contest will be open until Sunday, September 30th, 10pm PST.  I will choose a winner using and announce it on here.  Please make sure I can contact you by email or Twitter.

DISCLAIMER:  I was sent the "Let the Course be with You" shirt in exchange for writing this review and hosting the giveaway.  All opinions expressed are my own.



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