Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Will be a Better, Faster, Stronger Triathlete!

Now that I've gotten the triathlon training basics down, this year I've decided to focus on increasing my skills.

Ok, maybe not yet, but that's the plan.

This year, I'm not going to just swim for distance; I'm going to swim better! I'm going to do drills!

Ones that involve kicking!


Bilateral breathing!

Trust me.  It's how the cool kids are doing it these days.

And pushing down the window panes!

It's a thing.  TriGuy learned about it on the interwebs.

As for running, I'm not just going to be in it for distance either.  I'm going to do speed work!

And tempo runs!

And hill repeats!

It's a word, I swear!  It might mean one of the other things I already said, though.

And, I'm not just going to bike for distance.  That's right. I'm going to get some fancy shoes!

And some clipless ped.....ahhh. Ahahahahaha! Aha!  Ha.  Nope.  I'll just continue to focus on not falling off the bike again this season.

So, what are your goals for this year?  
Are you building speed?  Or distance?
Are you starting something exciting and new (on or off the Love Boat)??  <---Hmm, showing my age a little there.


4/10/12 EDIT:  I am linking up with Yeah Write for the very first time.  Go on over and check it out!


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