Saturday, July 23, 2016

I'm an LA Poser

First things first, you're not having trouble with your browser; I updated the look on here to make it cleaner. Now on with the show.

Hey remember this?

Well after much gentle prodding from Brittney and Bari, I went to something called Posing School, put on by The Local Skill.

It's 2 hours of working with a photographer in group and solo shots, meant for fitness pros or enthusiasts. For a very modest fee you get to hang out with cool people in cool places and get your picture taken.  Click here for a more detailed explanation (scroll down to "Event Details").

I signed up and nervously forced myself to actually go. Once I got there I was feeling uncomfortable UNCOMFORTABLE.  

After introductions and an explanation of what was to come, we were directed to our first group shot and told to make some angles.

I really hoped this would count:

It did not.

We were then told that we weren't in high school so to get creative.

I truly wanted to run away at that point as was evidenced by my distance from the rest of the group. 

Next, we moved on to individual poses. The first guy went and, shockingly, I did not get more comfortable.

I was feeling nauseous.

My fight or flight response was kicking in.

Brittney pulled me aside and gave me a pep talk.

*It was kind of a personal discussion.

A few minutes later it was my turn in front of the camera.

Seriously, what was I even doing there?

We talked about my background and when we hit upon ballet she suggested I do the dancer's pose.
She demonstrated a ballet-like stance.

I proceeded to try and imitate her.

I probably should have mentioned that it's been almost 30 years since I stopped taking ballet.

Shay walked me through some fancified (it's totally a word I just made up) warrior poses, and then Jesse the photographer suggested some jumping, so I channeled my ballet and jazz days and leapt. Then he suggested I:

And then I suggested he:

Shay gave lots of helpful posing tips.

Lots of people chose poses that showed off their athletic abilities.

I chose to stand back and make encouraging noises while in an upright position.

I definitely felt better after awhile and even volunteered at the end for a solo jumping shot.

Everyone was so welcoming and it was a happy and supportive group. I'm not yet sure if I'll go back, especially if the news crew shows up again.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you; the local news was there.

After all that I figured you might want to see some of the photos, so here you go. You should definitely go to their site to see all the amazing shots, and if you're local get on their email list for upcoming events. Maybe I'll even see you there.



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