Saturday, October 25, 2014


Disclosure:  I was provided a pair of Oofos Recovery Shoes courtesy of True North Productions, in exchange for a blog post.  I was not provided any additional compensation and all opinions are my own.

No, I have not suddenly been possessed.

I got an email from Emily, asking me if I wanted to try a Unique Runner Recovery Shoe, by a company called OOFOS.

I was pretty excited because I have actually heard of these shoes and runners seem to love them.  Here is how they are described on their website, :

Designed to jumpstart the recovery process, our incredible footwear offers unparalleled impact absorption and arch support. Whether you've just finished running, playing, lifting, or just a long day, keep in mind that the last step is the most important. Take yours into a pair of OOFOS. When your feet feel like they're smiling, that's the OO.
  • Unparalleled impact absorption
  • Superior arch support.
  • Insane comfort

So I did some virtual shopping and landed on the OOFOS OOAHH Slides page, with the following blurb:
Feeling down, like your sole's got the best of you? Sulk no longer, the slip on feel of OOFOS is just what the doctor ordered. The remedy calls for an equal dose of vibrancy and sole support. Some would even say it's the missing link to the total you, the person you have been missing out on. Keep the medicine away-I'll take an OOFOS a day. Let us help you rejOOv with OOFOS.
With a description like that, of course I said yes!  After a few days, my shoes arrived in the mail.

Here's how the shoe looks from the side and from the top.

I was so excited to put them on. I imagined it would feel like stepping onto a cloud.

I immediately slipped them onto my feet.

They felt...ok.

Not amazing, and actually also a little hot.

But, I wore them at home over the next week and each day they felt a little better: softer, squishier, comfier.  It turns out that I just had to break them in.

Oh, and I also discovered a way to decrease most of the sweat factor.

'Cause I'm classy like that.

Now, My OOFOS OOAHH Slides make me feel like I'm walking on firm, wet sand at the beach. And my feet are oh so happy.

See what I did there?

Despite the heat issue, I really like the comfort of these shoes and they help make my feet and legs feel less tired.  Therefore, I am giving them my stamp of approval.

OOFOS Recovery Shoes come in 3 styles for both men and women and can be found on,, and in specialty running stores.  They retail for between $39.99 and $49.99 on their website.  You can follow them on facebook and Twitter. Let them know I sent ya!

How about you?  Have you ever tried OOFOS?  Do you have an article of clothing that just makes your body say "ooh ahh"?



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