Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Am a Salty Sweater

Disclaimer: Nuun Hydration provided me with a cash card to purchase a case of Nuun from Costco. All opinions are my own.

Back to what I was saying, I am a salty sweater.

Really salty.

Please tell me you get the joke.

Because of this, I need to hydrate on long runs.  I've tried all kinds of water-holding vessels.

1.  The waist belt.

 It drove me crazy because I had to make it tight enough to not bounce, making it difficult to breathe.


2.  The hip-slinger, that is guaranteed not to bounce.

I have never gotten it to fit right.

Or to stop bouncing.

Finally, I ditched the belts and tried something new:

3.  A handheld bottle.

I rotate which hand I use to hold it, but overall it beats the belts.  

In my water bottles, I have tried using different energy drinks over the years. While I can often get by with just water in this temperate climate, this summer has been hot.  And like I said, I'm a salty sweater. Nuun came to the rescue just in time, offering me a Costco cash card to buy a box of their tablets.

Oh Costco, my home away from home.  I buy my eggs, my coffee, my M&Ms, and most of my other groceries there.  Along with pots and pans, socks, toothpaste, wine...the list goes on.

As you can see from the photo, there is a LOT of Nuun for sale! Once I brought my box of electrolytes home, I unpackaged it.

I really like the individual packaging.  It has been so easy to throw a couple of packets into my car, into my pocket on a run, and even in my suitcase when I traveled.  

So far I think my favourite flavour is the strawberry lemonade, but I also really like the lemon lime. The tri-berry is ok, just not my first choice.  I really like the energy I get, and I don't feel jittery when drinking Nuun.  I was so glad to have it on hand during my 3.5 HOUR 18 miler on Saturday.

Did I mention it is the second hottest summer here on record?

Yeah, not cool.

I am looking forward to using Nuun even more when I start training for my Olympic distance triathlon!

I'll just have to make sure I rinse out all the soap from my bottle first.  All that bouncing when you run gets even the smallest amount of residue sudsy.

Have you tried Nuun?  Do you have a sport drink of choice?



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