Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Day I Broke a Sweat

Over the months that we have been going to our indoor cycle class, it has been all I can do to try and keep my legs moving for the entire hour.  I've perfected eked out the climb,

(just barely) survived the sprints,

and happily confusedly gone for a run.

During the last class, our teacher gave us a new directive:

I decided perhaps I should try to work beyond the basic skill of cycling and try to get an actual workout out of it; y'know, actually get my sweat on and all.

I frequently checked my heart rate, trying to get it in the optimal 'fitness' and 'performance' zones as posted on the chart on the wall.


By the way, is it just me, or do you other Gen Xers out there want to break out into a little Kenny Loggins a la Top Gun every time you read "Danger Zone"?  No?  Just me? Ok, carry on reading then.

The whole aerobic thing was a touch harder than I had anticipated.

(I wish I were exaggerating.)

Sadly, there are no more Sunday classes again until the fall. (Did you catch the dripping sarcasm there?)  So, we're focusing on outdoor rides for now.  Which, of course, have their own obstacles.

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