Friday, December 30, 2011

The Danskin Run: with slapping, punching and a guy named Tim

While Ann Marie did not enjoy the swim portion of the race,

she is definitely the stronger runner.  Wait.  That may make me sound like I'm a good swimmer.  I'm not.

An homage to one of my favourite SNL skits.

Ann Marie is a running machine.  So she set the pace and I just tried to keep up.  We were very surprised to see TriGuy once again taking our picture (he's a pretty fast runner too!)

Since we were in the Buddy wave, the majority of racers were walkers at this point.  We wove through lots of chatty groups and I was shocked to discover we'd finished the first mile in 9 minutes flat!  We passed by volunteers handing out high fives.

What?  I like high fives.

We hit the turn-around and once again clocked in a 9 minute mile!  We dutifully trudged up the hill on the last mile.  As we got ready to hit the corral, there was a surprise waiting for Ann Marie:

Fresh from performing surgery, her husband was waiting by the finish line!  (He will henceforth be known as Dr. Tim because he is an orthopedic surgeon...and if you don't know his name at this point, then it is Stephan.)

As we got to the very last stretch of the race, Ann Marie yelled at me to sprint to the end.

I complied with great enthusiasm.

We crossed the finish, ditched our timing chips and got our medals (I did not die, thanks for asking :D).

The lady who finished right ahead of us came up to Ann Marie to thank her for encouraging her to run at the end.

Ann Marie was glad to have inadvertently cheered on a fellow racer.

Medals acquired and photos taken, it was time for some post-triathlon burgers and sweet potato fries!

This was my final race for 2011.  A year of hard work was over, and I had bested my 2010 finish time by a whopping 21 minutes!



  1. Love it, French fries are always a nice reward. It's nice to know that sportsmanship is still alive!

  2. Umm if only there really were piles of sweet potato fries that large! I know I said this when it happened but Congrats on that HUGE PR! Punching it clearly suits you

  3. As a measly 5K veteran, I LOVE high-fives! And the look on your face in that drawing was perfect (along with the quivering hand working its way to his shiny hand). The "I'm going to die" bit had me laughing.
    Are these watercolors? The pile of sweet potato fries is excellent! I bow at your artistic greatness and whimsy. Happy new year!

  4. HA! That High-5 picture is my new favourite :)
    Not so keen on the fries picture though. Don't get me wrong, it's your usual artistic awesomeness but now I am left wanting to eat a giant plate of fries like that LOL
    Can't wait to see what 2012 brings on Tri-ing to be Athletic!

  5. A Party and A HALF: I'm always drawn to a burger and fries after a race! Yes, there is some sportsmanship amidst the kicking and blocking :P

    MegO: Thanks again--It's awesome being a newbie and being able to make such huge leaps in progress! BTW, I'm pretty sure the plate had close to that many fries on it :D

    Pickleope: I firmly believe that a high five in an race emits extra zip in my step. (I really did say I was going to die...such a drama queen). No water colours, but if you would like a hard copy of my work may I interest you in a calendar? ;)

    Kristin: I hear ya. I started to get hungry drawing all that! I am hoping that 2012 brings lots of running!

  6. I was just showing Colin your blog......i was telling him how you're drawings make me laugh only to scroll down to an amazingly hysterical drawing of a mound of sweet potato fries :D live it! Nice race "punch it "

  7. Love this!! And loved the high fives. Oh and of course glad you did not die :)

    Congrats to you both on amazing races, times, etc!
    Hope to race with you in 2012!!

  8. Ali: It was a mountain of pure deliciousness. Hi Colin!

    Erika: I'm glad too, because you know there was a high probability of that happening...geez. Thanks! And yes, I definitely want to race and train with you. But I will have to just join you for your warm-up, so I. Don't. Die.

  9. And the ending is blurry brill! Well done! I'd recognize the emotion behind those smiles anywhere.

  10. I want to make a Stephan/Dr. Tim joke here, but I got nothing. Nice job on the race and I'm glad there was no drowning!

  11. Great job on shaving off those 21 minutes! That's pretty spectacular. I've so enjoyed reading your posts this year (ok, more like I've been entranced by the amazing artwork that goes along with them), and can't wait to meet you next year in Seattle!

  12. OKinUK: Thanks! There really is no other acceptable emotion when presented with a huge plate of fries.

    runningonwords: Yeah, it was just something silly that popped into my head. Yup, it's always good to avoid drowning your friends :D

    Megan: Thank you! If only every race could be the sophomore race :) I'm looking so forward to June!

  13. I love high fives in races! Well done you-a very active 2011. Hoping for an active 2012 for the both of us!

  14. Robyn: They're the best. 2012 is going to be very active for us; i just know it!

    Come At Me Bro: Thanks! And to you :)

  15. Hello Trigirl, I've checked your site before but never said hello I think. I love your drawings! I think I feel most familiar with the "I'm going to die!" one after the race, lol! Glad you didn't, though:)

  16. I love your drawings! What a fun post:)

  17. Susi: Hi! Thanks, I'm glad I didn't die too :D

    hiker mom: Thank you! Glad you stopped by :)

  18. congrats on finishing 21-min faster!!! that is awesome!
    goodluck to u in 2012!

  19. Dr. Tim is so super excited about this am I!! I love that we did it as a team and pulled each other through the "I'm gonna die" moments :) I would not have made it through that stupid swim without you! I love, love, LOVE racing with you!! And PS, ate sweet-potato fries just yesterday - de-li-cious!! We will have to do it again in celebration of the next race!

  20. lizzyj: Thanks! I am going to chase your 7 minute miles so I have something to always work toward!!

    Ann Marie: So glad we didn't have too many 'dying' moments but utterly grateful we had each other! Maybe we should sign up for a 5k...I want those fries!

  21. I absolutely refuse to high five Erik anymore. He'll make some crack about gingers then hold up his hand for a high five. I won't so he'll high five my forehead instead. Awesome.

    Also awesome are your crazy looking sweet potato fry eating teeth. :)

  22. VV: Uh,yeah. That's not cool. I would be anti-high five after that too. Sweet potato fries make your teeth super white and shiny. True fact.

  23. Wohoo! Way to beat your time!! *high five* Also, I love the pic of Ann Marie talking while you're eating a banana. Hilarious!

  24. Sounds like it was a challenge! Conrgrats!

  25. jennie: Thanks for the high five! I felt pretty *done* by the end :)

    BragonDorn: It was. Thanks! Glad you stopped by!

  26. (1) Congrats!
    (2) You totally deserve the french fries.
    (3) I LOVE that SNL skit too!

  27. You absolutely smashed your record, bloody good show!

    I've never come close to doing a triathlon, but after a big cycle, there is nothing better than tasty foods at the end of it!

  28. Dr. Cynicism: Thank you! And thank you for the A+ in your class :D I think I could do better if I spent lots of time thinking up punchlines...

    Cranface: Thanks! Stuffing your face after any big race/ride is the best reward :D

    Amanda: Thank you :) I don't imagine I'll be able to keep that up...if I am able though, I'm going after Chrissie Wellington!

  29. That's awesome, way to punch it! Haha. You killed your old time. Good for you. Glad you had a great way to end your 2011 season. And that SNL skit, my all time favorite too. Can recite it word for word and it still makes me laugh from so long ago :)

  30. WOW! Congrats on smoking your time from last year! That is seriously awesome! I would have jumped head first into that mountain of sweet potato fries!

  31. Texa: Thanks. Such a great skit, right? I hadn't thought about it in years and then it popped in my head while writing this, so I had to draw it!

    Christina: Thank you. They were quite yummy :D

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