Saturday, April 20, 2013

Come See the Real Me As I Review a YMX by Yellowman Shirt! (Stick Figures Included)

Get ready friends, because you're going to see some real-life photos of me in this post!!  It's for a very special reason:

I was chosen to do a review of  a YMX by Yellowman shirt!

These "big blogger" moments are feeling awfully good this year.

I have been lusting after these shirts for a while, but I have a hard time spending money on clothes almost anything besides my beloved coffee. And these clothes are definitely at a higher price point than I am used to.  However, they look very cool and have really fun patterns based on original tattoo artwork.  Perfect for the girl like me who may not be ready to commit to ink forever.

Also, the material they use is supposed to be durable and comfortable.  Having form and function in workout clothing is really important to most of us these days so I can't help but be drawn to this company.  Here is what their website says about the fabric they use to make their clothes:

MadKool technical fabrics enhance the athletic performance of the people who wear it. MadKool efficiently moves sweat away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric, where it dries faster than with other fabrics.
In addition, MadKool fabrics regulate your natural body temperature so you will stay warm in cool weather activities, and cool when your heart is pumping. 

Once I got the email saying I would get a shirt in the mail, I expected it would be a few weeks until I saw the goods.  But no!  The next day, there it was!

My precious.

I immediately put it on and hunted TriGuy down.

He did.  He's so nice.

I really liked the way it fit; it was stretchy, comfortable, and stylish.  The only thing I found strange was a thin mesh piece that went around the neckline.  I couldn't figure out if it was an embellishment or functional.  Regardless, I still really liked the top as a whole.  I wanted to wear it for fashion.  Or to bed (so comfy).

But, it's a workout shirt, not a night shirt.

I put it away and saved it for a rainy day indoor workout.  Of course I didn't have to wait long because every day is a rainy day.  So, I wore the shirt for today's trainer ride.  See?

My legs are blurry because they are going so fast! Not really.

And after my workout, I made TriGuy take more pictures.

Please excuse the fuzzy hair; it was post-swim and post-ride.

The tank; however, was still delightful!  It wicked away sweat really quickly and didn't smell after the workout.  As you can see, it hits around mid-waist.  It did ride up a little when I was sitting, but it's long enough that I still kept things covered.  It's form-fitting but not at all constricting.  It is UPF 30+ so I am looking forward to taking it out for runs and bike rides this summer.  I'm anxious to see how it holds up after a few workouts and washes to see if the colours and fit really do stay true.  

Oh, and the pattern on the back is just as cool as the front.

Here is the link to the shirt they sent me:  Infinite Geometry mesh tank.  They have the same pattern in a long sleeve, a hoodie, racing shorts, and a wrap skort.

My final thought:
I wouldn't choose to spend this much on a shirt, as much as I do like it.  If you're like me (and like these clothes), you might want to put this website on your wish list for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, race completions, for that ice cream eating contest you know, because the clothes are stretchy...

We'll see how this tank holds up over time, but overall, I give it two thumbs up!

Disclaimer:  I was given the YMX by Yellowman shirt free of charge in exchange for this product review, through the FitFluential ambassador program.  All opinions and images are my own.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Hi Everyone

This morning I woke up excited that I would be guest posting on a great blog.  I couldn't wait to tell you guys about it.

Then, in the middle of the day I found out about the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.

I don't know what to say about it; I don't understand it.  But I do know that if I'm not careful I will be completely pulled into the abyss of the endless loop of video and phone-ins reporting the same, yet conflicting, and inconclusive information.

What happened today will not be forgotten.  There will be plenty of coverage of it from people who know far more than I do.

But, if you want a little levity, and need a break from the news, then maybe you'll enjoy the guest post I did.  If you don't want to read it today I'll understand.

Here is the post as I wrote it last night.

Hello, hello, everyone!

I have several posts that I have started, but none that I have actually, how you say,

I do, however, have a guest post up today at the SARCASM GODDESS' blog!  So please go check it out!  Especially if you want to know the secrets to my awkwardness awesomeness!



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