Saturday, September 3, 2016

I Went to London!

England, not Ontario, for those of you that know where the latter is.

I had big, big, BIG running plans.

I would run by Buckingham Palace.

I would run by Big Ben.

I would run all over town the way I did in Paris (while training for my first arathon-may.)

Well, the day we got there was a write off because of jet lag.

The next day we went sightseeing. We walked 11 miles.

Over the following nine days, I went to all the places I had planned.

Total number of miles run:

BUT, total number of miles walked:

So it was okay, because I got to see so many cool places I've been wanting to check out forever. Like Notting Hill, Trafalgar Square, the BBC building, and Piccadilly Circus which, I'm sad to inform you, is not a circus at all, but merely a very busy traffic circle.

No tight rope walkers, but also no clowns!

I went to Kensington Palace (absolutely beautiful grounds) and Buckingham Palace.

And I saw Big Ben.

I had such a fun time in London and I would love to go back and see more of the countryside one day. Of the many things I appreciated there, I think the floor to ceiling doors in the public washrooms were the best (really, North America, you need to get on that.)

Now all I need is someone to explain the faucets:


By the way, I finally decided I want to run the LA Rock n Roll half marathon in October. If any of you want to do it too, you can use my friend Lea's coupon code: LEAGENDERS To read all about her adventures check out


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