Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tag. You're It!

Oy.  I'm so behind in my bloggy awards that it must seem I'm unappreciative.  But I really do appreciate them.  It has been several months since the first of these blog awards was bestowed upon me.  They are all quite lovely.

Butterfly award
Now, in order of awarders:

Mollie from OK in UK:  Mollie is an Oklahoma girl who is living with her husband and little girl in the UK.  Her posts are a fun and charming insight into life across the pond.  She occasionally sprinkles in some awesomely funny drawings too!  Mollie gave me the Good Bloggers Pay it Forward award, which I think was also known as the Herpes inoculation...I'm a little confused about it now and I think this award wave may have already run its course.  But hey, I'll take it what with all I've been exposing this little site to in the past 8 months!

Vapid Vixen at The Ginga Ninja:  One of my newer online friends, Vapid Vixen is snarky, sarcastic and maybe slightly off-colour in her humour.  Just the way I like it.  I really love the smile in her header.  She gave me that very pretty Butterfly Award up there.

Andrea, over at a steady stream of chatter She gave me my second Stylish Blogger award.  Andrea will be an amazing teacher when the school of her dreams comes calling.  If you're a teacher you know how tough it is out there and she is just starting out.  Andrea was one of my first bloggy besties so I do not take this award lightly ;)

Thanks so much you guys!  It always makes my day to see my name on someone else's blog :D
(Not sure if Mollie and Andrea still read my blog...hope they still read my tweets!)

I decided that rather than do each thing separately, I would answer the Butterfly Award, since I've done the Stylish Blogger one before, here.  Marcy from Life's Gristle gave me that one (my very first award!)  The herpes award is a 'pay it forward' deal; no questions asked.

The Butterfly Award asks the following 7 questions:

Name your favourite colour:

No, just kidding.

Name your favourite song:
I answered this in the Q&A post.  I don't really have a favourite song, but anything with a good beat or something I can belt out (alone in my car) is always good.

Name your favourite dessert:
My eating habits have changed over the past few years and I'm not as into dessert as I used to be.  That said, a good cupcake can certainly hit the spot.

What wizzes you off:
Self-entitled people.

When you're upset you:
Yell at everyone and everything in sight.

I kid, I kid.

Your favourite pet:
I've had two dogs and, in my childhood, countless fish.  I'd say the pups win out.

Black or white:
Some context would help on this one; I still like...

Your biggest fear:
Um, pass.

Best feature:
My statuesque physique...and maybe my hair.

Everyday attitude:
Oh I'm way too complex to have one way I feel about life.  So I guess...wishy-washy?

Is that an attitude?

What is perfection:
A day without a schedule.

Guilty pleasure:
The Jersey Shore, yo.

I'm starting up a collection to help these poor girls get some pants! Who's with me?

And now,  for the next round of awardees.  Stylish Blogger and the Butterfly Award both ask for 7, Inoculation asks for, (carry the 32...) 19 is way too many so I'm just going to do 7. Feel free to do whichever award you like :) I'll try to get to these faster you guys.  I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Gin at Life as Topher's Mama. Teacher, mom. Basically your everyday average Superwoman.

Dwija at House Unseen. Life Unscripted. She and her husband bought a fixer-upper online and moved their family across country.  Her home renovations have been incredible and she's a funny writer.

Erika at This Spartan Will!  Very amazing and inspirational athlete.

Megan at On The Road Again. Running pal of my blogger buddy; she is chronicling her running experience during pregnancy.

Lindsey at TexaGermaNadian.  An American, married to a Canadian, who was living in Germany but is now in Finland.  Following her adventures is a blast.

KSK at The Real Housewife of H2oVille. Check out her What the Friday posts!

Kurt at Becoming an Ironman.  He has completed his first half iron and is on his way.

Shannon at Shanimal's Crackers. She's funny. Really funny.

(That extra one is for good luck.  Shanimal's Crackers just had a birthday!)



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