Saturday, March 19, 2011

Would You Like Fries (or Pizza) with That?

Last week Dave and I went on a ski trip with some friends.  Back (in the day) when I was learning to ski, we were taught 'snowplow'

and 'parallel'.

Nowadays, the term 'snowplow' has been replaced with 'pizza'

and 'parallel' has been replaced with 'french fries'.

(But let me just tell you that the cute terminology does not make it any little bit easier.)

I mastered skimmed by on snowplow for a few years, then graduated to a "technique" that is called 'stem christie'.  It sounds like it would be really elegant and cool:

It is not.

During our trip there was a lot of talk amongst the men-folk about the consistent snowfall, leading to "champagne powder'.  The guys were all about going out to "Shred the pow!!!".

I was a little less excited since I'm not yet savvy in The Way of the Pow.

I also discovered another tall order for a short-stop like me on the hill.  Given the fact that I come from a slightly different genetic makeup from Dave,

I am often challenged by the world around me.  And, until I can learn to activate my Go-Go-Gadget legs

I am reduced to this:

AND this:

Which brings us back to skiing.  There was one gondola on the hill that caused me the greatest of discomfort (and nauseating motion sickness).  No matter what I did, I just couldn't get comfy.

Luckily, Dave was there to lend a help hand.

Err, foot.

*Note: While writing this post, I decided to look up the term 'stem christie' to see if it actually exists.  It turns out I had not made it up.  BUT, it also turns out that it is a stance used only to teach *TURNING* and is not meant to be a general purpose posture while screeching down the mountain side (and I think we can all see why).  So, I have been living under that misapprehension for the last 20 years.



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