Saturday, June 18, 2011

Consistency. It's What's For Dinner.

And breakfast, lunch and snacks.  That is, it needs to be.  I have a bad habit that I'm going to admit here for all of you:

I am an inconsistent athlete.

Shocking, I know.  Especially given my amazing athletic prowess.

What will happen is, I'll find something that inspires me (e.g. the Kona Ironman on the ol' Tivo) and jump into action.  I'll train appropriately for a time.  Sometimes a day, sometimes a few weeks.

 Then something comes up, be it illness,



what have you; any old excuse will do.  I will then start declaring to TriGuy (hey, if I get an alter ego he should get one too) that

Ya know, so I can stay on track. And then another week goes by and

Oops. I. Did-it-again-uh.

(I'm a dead ringer for Ms. Britney, aren't I?)

Now I realize that swimming twice a week, plus running and biking comes out to 4 workouts and is a decent fitness regimen...but it is not what real triathletes would call a training plan. Their plans look like this:



That is, if I actually *had* a plan.  Which, coincidentally, I'm going to make...................Next week.


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