Friday, September 16, 2016

The Coolest Thing About Running

There are lots of things I love about running:

1. The races:

2. The race goodies:

Especially the race medals.

But the races are just a small part of it. There are also the personal benefits:

1. Exercise in the fresh air:

2. Pushing my body past its formerly accepted limits:

But, even those don't compare to my FAVOURITE thing:

Yup, it really is a thing that I totally didn't make up.

To me, there's nothing more satisfying than the secret-society-greeting you give and get when coming across another runner.

It might be a wave, a smile, or just a head nod. These may or may not be accompanied by a "hello". However, the important thing about the Secret Running Society is that you have to be cool, man. As such, I have devised the following tips to help you jump right in.

1. Smile:

But just tighten your lips and pull up the corners a tiny bit.

2. Wave:

Maybe just a quick, single hand raise.

3. Nod:

Once will do.

4. Say hi:

One or two words is plenty.

Got it? Great!  Oh, but there's something very important you need to know about the Secret Running Society:

 *It's elusive.*

Depending on where you run, you might not get a single acknowledgment.

Sometimes it's just logistics; for example there might be too many runners.

You'd give yourself whiplash and repetitive stress disorder, not to mention you would really throw off your breathing.

Sometimes people are in the middle of a really tough workout and the energy it would take to shift their focus to speak, wave, or make eye contact would cause them to fall on their face and possibly remain there for hours. (I am of course guessing this; I myself have never felt this way...)

Sometimes people are uh, preoccupied?


Maybe there's a butterfly up there.

There are plenty of reasons runners ignore other runners. Some will never acknowledge you for the simple reason that they are just too cool.

I guess that's alright though, because actually:

Just don't let the secret out, ok?

So how about you? Are you a member of the Secret Running Society or are you too cool?



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