Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Can Bring a Friend to Yoga, But I'll Never be a Yogi

Ok, I have to admit, I haven't been to yoga much lately. It's a very crowded power yoga class, and what I really want is restorative yoga, or a yoga for runners (and since I already belong to 2 gyms, I don't want to pay extra for a yoga studio). Anyway, I did go to class at the Y with my friend Kelly a short time ago.

She is super-yogafied (it's a word; I'm sure I found it in Merriam-Webster on Urban Dictionary).

Before class, we chatted about different yoga styles and she told me about one that involves lying down and requires very little movement.

Then, for some inexplicable reason, she also asked me to go rock climbing with her.

I mean, she has read this blog.

Once the class started, Kelly was all business.  While we were in Warrior Two I glanced over at her to see if she was enjoying herself.  She was focused on her *drishti...really focused.

*For those who have not done yoga, your 'drishti' is a point a few feet ahead that you look at to help you keep your focus and balance.  You have to be sure to relax your eyes.

Hmm, it's possible I'm thinking of something else.

Anyway, the class continued.  While Kelly expertly executed the half moon, I didn't even bother with the block and just trotted over to lean against the wall.  I still fell over.

I soldiered on as we progressed through our sun salutations.  We were told (as usual) to place our feet 6 inches apart for many of the poses.

Does anyone know what a 6 inch space between your feet is just by eyeballing it?  My yoga instructor seems to. I do not.

I always end up like this:

or like this:

And on the topic of distance, you know-if you do yoga-how you're always supposed to swing your leg forward out of downward- facing-dog straight into a lunge?  Well either my legs are really long (they are not), or my arms are really short (they are not), but either way my leg always gets stuck about halfway through; and the day I went to class with Kelly was no exception.

Once we completed the falling over balancing portion of the class, it was time to get on the floor and work the core.  We did bridges over and over (and over) again.

It sounded like a birthing class with all the deep breathing.

I didn't mind the huffing and puffing in class; we were working hard. But I could honestly have done without the moaning accompanying every movement. Furthermore, the half-hearted, super high-pitched singing along with Celine Dion was not appreciated.

Don't worry, it wasn't Kelly.

Thankfully, I do not ever sing out loud in class, because every time we've done the Superman move, the instructor has said to reach to the window with our hand, and to the wall with our foot.  And then she chants softly:

And then I have Sandra Bullock in my head, dancing around the forest with Betty White.

And that does not help my focus at all.

Ok, holy crap, I just googled that song and wow.  Dirty.

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