Friday, July 5, 2013

Swimming is Easy When You Don't Breathe

Last Sunday I went to the pool.  (Since I am training for a marathon, Sundays are my cross-training days.)  When I got there the lifeguards were swabbing the deck.  I don't know why and I didn't want to ask.  But so far, no illnesses or infections here so, yay.

The water was cooler than it has ever been; it was probably about 78* F.  The Aqua Zumba class was in full swing.

 I jumped into one of 2 empty swim lanes and started my workout.  Shortly thereafter a lady asked to split the lane with me.  I was more than happy to do so, except I quickly realized that "split the lane" just meant that she wanted to be in my lane and take up the whole thing.

Seriously?? Also, you may have noticed I tried out some of TriGuy's snazzier goggles.

Thankfully, she moved to the other empty lane and I returned to my goals for the day (which I will get to shortly.)  A gentleman then asked if he could share the lane.  I, of course, said yes. He was doing breast stroke.  Right on top of the line.

Perhaps he and flower-bonnet lady should have read about lane swimming before jumping in. But I digress.

I have really been trying to work on my technique, so a couple of weeks ago I focused on stretching out my torso.

I'm not sure whether or not the end result was beneficial.

Sunday I decided (on a whim) that I should work on my breathing.  Over the past 3 years, I have gone from barely being able to swim:

(an old drawing from one of my early posts)

to somewhat being able to swim:

to finally being able to swim:

This might be an ever-so-slight exaggeration of my skills.

So, with the basics sorted you know, basically, my goal on Sunday was simple: cut through the water smoothly and quickly.  I figured the easiest way to do this was by not breathing on every.  Single.  Stroke.  I did this the only way I knew how.

I held my breath.

I then blew out of my nose as slowly as I could.  But of course my mouth inevitably joined in.

What do you think?  Am I doing it the right way?


*Did I mention I'm training for a marathon?  Because I totally am.  

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