Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Run Like a Girl.

And I don't mean:

I run like a kick-butt Ironman winner.

That's Chrissie Wellington.

Or an Olympic marathon winner.

And that there is Constantina Tomescu.

I mean, I run like this girl.

Oh sure;  I would like to think that I run with my core tight.

With my arms relaxed and elbows bent.  (Of course.)

With a gentle, lovely gazelle stride. (Natch.)

HOWEVER...I happen to know from my horrendous enlightening race photos that I swing my arms from side to side when I run. Like yay:

And that I tend to shuffle on my toes.

(which, coincidentally led to some very annoying foot pain, so I don't recommend it.)

I also happen to know that my left shoulder likes to hang out somewhere in the vicinity of my left earlobe, giving me a posture that Nostradamus wouldn't envy.

Furthermore, my hips tend to swing from side to side because my gluteus mediuses...medii? (read: buttocks) are not strong enough.

Meaning, if you saw me running toward you it would look something like this:

Alright, now who wants to be my running partner?? (I promise I'll make ya look reeeaalll good...)

NEXT POST: I've got a couple I'm working on so we'll see what shakes out first. (And for the record, this was not the crazy train post...that one's still in progress).


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