Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank You and Please Check Out My Guest Post!

First off, I want to say a big, fat, hearty

to everyone who commented on my last post, encouraging me about my speedwork.  Last night I ran my regular, hilly, 5 mile route in 50:36.  That's a 10:07 pace.  That is crazy...

On to more exciting news:  Today I am guest posting over at Running with Spatulas, thanks to its lovely writer and my online pal Ali Mc!  Like me, she is coming off a running injury.  And like me, she wants to swim.  So one day she asked me to write a swimming how-to post.  After my initial reaction,

I recovered and said I would absolutely do it!

So please go check out what I've learned so far about swimming!  You will only recognize (possibly) the first picture; the rest are brand new!  And while you're there, poke around!  Ali blogs daily about delicious cooking/baking, and her workouts sometimes, and is enthusiastic in the best (non-annoying) way possible!  And you know what?  She really does run with spatulas!

Regular posting to return shortly :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Breaking up my runs into speed work, that is!

I have started training for my half marathon in June, and it calls for speed work.


However, I do not run at the speeds it suggests  since I took on a plan that may be just a smidgen above my level  (but I wanted to "challenge" myself).

Last week I had mile repeats.  This means running a warm-up mile, then running 1 mile at warp speed, cooling down half a mile, running another mile to escape (chase?) Kahn, then doing a mile cool down.

I knew there was no way I could do that, so I decided on two miles of fartleks.  Oh, yes.

I ran my warm-up mile at a dismal decent 11:10 pace, then got into gear for my next mile...the "fast" mile.  I picked a landmark and sprinted my little legs off.  I felt strong!  I felt determined!  I felt "fast"!  I felt like I was floating above the ground!

I did this twice.  And then...I felt tired! tired.

Things were starting to go downhill as my route turned uphill.

You see, my neighbourhood is not flat.  Which keeps things from getting, you know, boring.

So, my fartleks occurred on the flattest or slightly downhill portions of the run, and my recoveries were saved for the uphills.  It was, of course,

EDIT: It turns out you can't really see what I put in those drops and it is important!  So here are a couple of close-ups.

My speed work miles averaged at 11:20.

I then did my cool down mile on my way home.  I finished it up in 10:45.

Some of you may have been keeping track, but if you are unwilling or unable to calculate the breakdown, please allow me to assist you.

I was going for 70s flight attendant, but, uh...we'll just move on.

Warm-up mile: 11 minutes, 10 seconds

"Fast" mile 1:  11 minutes, 20 seconds

"Fast" mile 2:  11 minutes, 20 seconds

Cool down:  10 minutes, 45 seconds

What.  The.

My "fast" miles were my slowest miles!!  I think it's safe to say:

I've also noticed lately that I'm the only idiot person running in my neighbourhood.  Perhaps it has to do with the time of day on the weekends,

or the weather during the week,

or possibly the pollen.

In order to fight said pollen I've tried wearing my sunglasses, but my eyes still wind up feeling like I washed them in the Dead Sea.

I'm now considering a more aggressive approach to protect my peepers.

NEXT POST:  YOGA...I PROMISE. I even went to class today so I have more to say.

Also, on Monday I'm going to be featured on the Bee Well for Life blog, courtesy of fellow FitFluential ambassador Jennifer Edwards.  Thanks Jennifer!

Plus, I will be guest posting this week, and will leave you guys a little blurb over here when it's up, letting you know where to go!

And, I'm linking up once again with Yeah Write.  Go check out some great blogs over there by clicking on the button on the sidebar ------->


Who has nice weather??

If you're training right now, how's it going?  

Who likes speed work?


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