Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yes Alex, I'd Like "TriGirl" for $2000 Please.

Here it is, what you've all been waiting for...ok, what the 8 of you who asked questions have been waiting for.  It's Q&A time!  (I thought about posting in the actual Jeopardy format but that would just be confusing).  

Sarah from runningonwords asked:  I'm really curious how long does it take you to prepare a post?  Those pictures seem like they would be time consuming.

That really depends on whether I'm drawing things I have drawn a lot or if there are lots of new things.  When I draw me in a pretty static pose it probably takes about 10 or 15 minutes.

If I draw something new that I have to look up, or if I have tons of detail to add, a picture can take a few hours, like this one.

and this one. (The bandana had a ton of detail that I don't think ended up showing once I zoomed out on the picture.)

A lot fall in between that range.  So if I have, say, 8 pictures in a post, it can take an average of maybe 8 hours.  I don't generally do them all at once so I spend a few evenings and several hours on the weekend knocking them out.

Robyn from Africa, My Africa asked:  What is your next event you are training for?

The Danskin triathlon!  It will be my third time doing it.  The first time was an *epic* fail.

Allie at 24 In My Mind asked: I want to know how you've been able to get 163 followers (family or not).  I'm stuck at just under 100 and seem to have plateaued (is that a word?)  I think your pictures really are a 'draw' (I know they were for me, no pun intended!), but what do you think?

Well, it's hard to say.  It's either the drawings or my incredibly witty writing.  I dunno, I think it's a *draw*.  (Get it? Get it??)  In all seriousness, yes, I think lots of people like pictures.  I also try to join a lot of blog hops; I joined BlogHer and got syndicated a couple of times, which helped with exposure.  I also comment on the sites I like and sometimes they come check me out :)  One thing I *never* do: I never ask for a follow-back.  Ever.  I just think that's rude. 

Pickleope over at (the appropriately named) Pickleope asked:  I've always heard that marathoners and tri-athletes are forced to...uh...relieve themselves during competition.  Can you confirm or deny this?  (Sorry to go gross but I've always been curious.)

Ew, that's gross Pickleope!  (Hehe...)  Yes, there are those who feel that because they are racing, they are entitled to forego basic hygiene (and respect for those around them) and would rather wet their pants than lose 2 minutes on their race for a quick pit stop.  But, to be honest, long-distance elite triathletes get a bit more of a pass in my book to pee in their wetsuits and on their bikes because they are racing for 8 hours. And they could lose a race hopping off their bikes to use the port-a-potty. That said, I am not an endurance athlete. At my races there are port-a-potties before the start line, at transition, and at every water station (about every 1-2 miles). So I have never done it myself but others do.  (But I do sweat like crazy getting the darn suit on.) 

Meg O at Watch Me Go Run asked four questions:
1.  Are there any day to day (not the political stuff, we all know that) things that differ from the States to Canada?  For example when you moved here did you feel like "wow, this is weird?" about something?

Well, I think I find people more publicly outspoken here.  Also, we first moved to Austin, "Deep in the heeeeaaaart o' Texas". So, I really had to get used to hearing "y'all" at least 3 times in every sentence, and my favourite plural: "all o' y'all". Also the possessive "y'all's", as in "Y'all's table is ready!"

2. Which brings me to the next q: when did you move here?

In the year TWO THOUSAND. Yeah, it was 2000, 11 (eleven!) years ago.

3. Do you consider yourself a woman of the states now or do you think someday you'll move back?

I would like to move back someday.

4. What's the one race (regardless of place, price, or what it would take it get in) that you dream of doing?

Oh, that one's easy:  Ironman Kona!  I could be the next Chrissie Wellington!

Lindsey at TexaGermaNadian asked:  Favorite running/biking song of all time?  What gets you going?

I kinda love Who Got the Hootch?  For realz.  But, also 18 Wheeler by P!nk...oh, and that new Adele song, Rolling in the Deep!  Those get me moving!

Toes that Twinkle of (the also aptly named) Toes that Twinkle asked:  Hmm, is there any song/image in your head that makes you start to run faster or keeps you going?  

Since I already mentioned the songs, I'll go with an image.  I try to imagine I'm near the end of a race, the crowd is cheering me on and I can see the finish.  Helps me keep going.

So, there you go.  Hope you didn't mind the recycled pictures.  TriGuy just came home so I can get back to the very important task of drawing new stuff!

OH!  And I got my very own swim/bike/run shirt in the mail today!  So exciting!


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