Tuesday, January 17, 2012

April the Athlete

During my "off-season", I've had to find ways to stay in shape without being able to swim, bike or run.  For those of you who don't know, we have a dog.  Her name is April.  This is how I've shown her before:

When we first got her from the 'pound', they described her as one who likes to show off her athletic prowess.  What we didn't realize was that behind those innocent words was a deeper story (cue the ominous background music and the slow-mo video of April frolicking in the yard).

It turned out, April was actually working hard toward Olympic athlete  status.  Over the years she has continued to develop her skills.  She is, in fact, so talented that she trains regularly for not one, but two events!

They are

The High Jump:


The 100 Metre Dash:

(She really does have a purple tongue.)

These of course lead to our own 'special' version of the Indoor/Outdoor Olympics.

Event 1-The obscenity rant:

(I, of course, say the actual words in real life.)

This is immediately followed by

Event 2-The obstacle course from the back door to the front door:

You must get a dog treat along the way or you will be disqualified.

Next is

Event 3-The mad dash to stuff your feet in a pair of shoes while simultaneously grabbing the leash and lunging out the front door:

Bonus points for making it down the front steps without tripping or losing a shoe.

This leads to

Event 4-The "gentle" call while jogging down the street.

The jog will be in the dark.

More than likely in the rain.

These events all lead up to the inevitable scolding when April comes out of the neighbour's garage at the end of the street, having eaten as much dog and cat food as she can get away with.

But really, how can you stay mad at a face like that?


So, how do you all stay fresh in the off-season?



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