Saturday, April 21, 2012

Who's Ready to Sweat Pink??

(Guitar strumming) Dahdahdahdahdahdahdahdah...


Dah, dah-DAH!

Dah. Dah-DAH!

Dah, dah-DAAAHHHHH...

Standing up to the challenge of a rival...

If you haven't heard yet, I have become a Sweat Pink ambassador,  thanks to the lovely ladies that run Fit Approach, Jamie and Alyse!  To get me started, they have outfitted me with a great-looking tank, and TWENTY pairs of hot pink shoelaces!  I plan to make myself a fancy belt.  Just kidding.  They're for the people I know who love to get their sweat on! *Bandana not included.

If you want to sweat pink, you can go to Fit Approach and apply!

Fit Approach Sweat Pink Blog Badge

You don't have to be a militant health nut either (clearly, because hello...), you just have to have a healthy mindset.  And if you like chocolate or wine, like Jamie the co-founder does, well that's good too!

UPCOMING POSTS: POWER YOGA, BIKING (because at some point very soon I have to get back in the saddle).


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