Friday, October 28, 2016

Blood Doping on the LSD

Let me explain.

A few months ago I bought the Hanson Method half marathon training book for my race this weekend. While I didn't follow their plan to a T (which, by the way, they highly discourage), I learned a lot about the benefits of different types of training runs.

LSD does not stand for a party drug in this case, but for Long Slow Distance. Among the benefits are: increased muscle strength, improved use of fat, capillary growth, and a stronger heart. So by my very scientific calculations, you get more energy and can therefore run faster for a longer time, which is what happens when you blood dope.* Hence, the title of this post.

And, while the LSD is not a drug, I will argue that your mind can get a little altered after over an hour of running.

Of course, before even starting your workout, it's important to make sure you look perfectly put together.

That goes without saying, right?

At the start of your run you might be focused on your pace, your form, and/or your breathing, but after a while your brain starts to wander a bit.

You ponder deep things.

You analyze conspiracies.

Think about it.

You also consider more immediate forms of sabotage.

And conversely:

As you take more oxygen into your blood you also start to develop heightened senses.

Could it be?

Ooh, yeah!

By the time you reach the end of your run you may have solved that nagging work issue, or even a couple of long-held conspiracies. Or if you're me, you finally understand a flipping do-while loop. However, all that effort has taken a serious toll on your super-fancy workout look.

But you don't care because YOU SURVIVED!

And you're now a genius...until the high wears off. Which is about the same time as you get out of the shower.

It's okay though. You still killed it out there, tiger.

*While I may feel like a know-it-all after my long runs, I am no doctor. Please do not take anything I have said as medical truth or advice.



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