Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Exercising" the Danskin Demon (Part 2 of 3)

Just a scant 10 minutes and 50 seconds after entering T1 (not even exaggerating, you guys), I was ready to head out on my bike.  Patty had prepped me for the course with a variety of training rides.  The course included some mild slopes and one crazy access ramp.

The ramp was within the first couple of miles of the ride.  There were volunteers stationed ahead of the hill, shouting at us to get ready by shifting (all together now):

As we rounded the corner we saw the carnage on the ramp!  Everyone was pushing their bike up the hill, but Patty and I were determined to ride!  (Yeah!)  I let the pushers know I was there as I forged my way up with my increasingly desperate cries of:

Patty was fortunate enough to witness someone vomiting into the hay bales as she biked up.

Awesome.  Coincidentally, when I was hanging out with the paramedics 2 years ago, I heard this gem over the walkie talkie:  

I totally did not have that running through my head during the race.  Nope.  (Pretty sure someone broke their collarbone that year too.)

Each downhill on the course had me gripping my brakes for dear life, allowing everyone but the motorcycle cops to pass me.

Nevertheless, I did finish the bike and did not have to bail even once, so it was a success!

I got my bike back on the rack (possibly with some help from 2 racers who were already finished) and got ready for the final part of the race: the run!!


Hey guys, Meredith over at Swim Bike Mom asked me to link to her post about a little fighter she is racing for.  We all got into racing, and keep racing, for many different reasons.  Meredith is training for her first half iron (holy wow!) and stays motivated by thinking about Caleb.  His story is here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Exercising" the Danskin Demon (Part 1 of 3)

If you recall, my first triathlon was an epic failure.  So, my incredible drive supreme stubbornness had me signing up for the next year's race.

 I just had to go back.  I trained a lot better last year, bought the wetsuit, and put a few more miles on the bike and in the pool.

I was not concerned with speed in any way and just wanted to:

My buddy Patty and I decided we would start dead last.  That meant about, oh, two thousand ladies went ahead of us.  Still, I was feeling pretty happy with our choice until we got up to the water and a fellow racer sidled up in near hysterics with a swim angel at her side.

Ah, memories.
But, before I knew it, they counted us down and we were off!!  It was super-fun swimming around all the non-swimmers.  (It suddenly made sense why so many racers wore wetsuits).  In all honesty, my swimming doggie paddle skills left a fair amount to be desired so I personally would never have made it without the suit.

We eventually rounded both buoys and as I was headed for the exit I suddenly felt a whack on my right side. There was a girl doing the sidestroke who had swum into me.  Hey, if I can do the doggie paddle, the sidestroke should be USAT sanctioned as well.

She apologized and I said a very friendly:

After all, I was having the time of my life!

I continued to swim, and suddenly, wham!  There she was again. She said "Sorry!"
I said a very friendly:

I swam on.  Suddenly, wham! Really, by this point it shouldn't have felt so "sudden" and "surprising". I started thinking she ought to consider switching sides. But my attention quickly returned to the task at hand as the exit was approaching.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere (I'm a very slow learner) WHAM! "Sorry."

I decided to speed up (duh) to get away.   I may have been was definitely among the last dozen to leave the water, but I walked out to an awesome cheering section!

There was Ann Marie, Christie, Mary and Molly:

and TriGuy, Grace, Katie, Blake and Jeff (wearing his sparkly gold jacket to be seen easily by his wife, Jenna, who was racing too)!

Patty was right behind me.  We posed for a couple of quick pics and then zoomed meandered to the transition area.  We met up after a *lightning-fast* switcheroo to prepare for the bike leg.

Seriously, if you blinked (1,000 times in a row) you totally would have missed us.


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