Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kyle's Krusade Virtual 10k

Hey everyone!

I am still working away on the running post I told you about, but I want to let you know about the run I did last night with Ann Marie and Erika.

One of my fellow FitFluential ambassadors, Lisa, put together a virtual race to benefit her friend's 6 year old son Kyle, who is battling cancer.  Cancer sucks, and here in the US, health care costs become pretty prohibitive.

A virtual race is something you sign up for, and complete it in your own area (i.e. there is no race location.)  Typically there is a time frame in which you have to 'race'; in this case we can do it anytime between February 1st and February 16th.  You then submit your time to the race organizer.  Sometimes there are cool prizes up for grabs, such as in this race.  Personally, I'm gunning for the Starbucks card!!

All the race details can be found at Lisa's site,

Ann Marie, Erika and I headed out last night to run our 10k along Greenlake.  It was beautiful and DARK!  Luckily, Ann Marie was wearing 2 flashing lights and Erika had super bright knuckle lights.  I had a flashing light with lousy batteries.

Regardless, we had a great time, and averaged 9:30 minute miles.  I hope that we can put a smile on Kyle's and his mom's face today!  They have some amazing support!

Proof of just how short I really am.

If you want to join, you can check out the website.  You have until February 16th to complete your race.  If you do it, please leave me a comment below.  I would love to know!


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