Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goodnight K.I.S.S.

Back in August, I took on a whatever-it-takes attitude to get back to running.  This led to me going home from physio with all kinds of innovative bedtime accoutrements, keeping things anything but simple. (Hence, the K.I.S.S. Get it?)

Athletic tape on my foot? Sure!

Kinesiotape on my calves? Great.

AthletokinesioMcSomethingorother tape my back?  Absolu...hmm.

This one felt like someone pulling my shoulders back and down 24/7.  And I became allergic to the tape. Helped the shoulders though.

I finally got ankle and calf compression sleeves.*

I also got incredibly cumbersome, annoying amazing splints to wear while I sleep to stretch out my calves and Achilles tendons.  When I went to the specialist to get them, the guy said:

He did not have any, so he gave me small adult ones.

When I went to my next physio appointment, my therapist, Jenna, said:

The boots (as I like to call them because they kinda look like ski boots) are done up with three velcro straps.  They also have 2 additional straps that start at the back and end at the bottom; they are used to increase or decrease the tension on your feet and calves.  The straps all invariably get stuck to each other.  Since I wear them to bed, that means that just as TriGuy is falling asleep, I am 'prepping' over on my side of the bed.

All the sticking and ripping (and sighing and grunting) takes a good 5 minutes.

Because they are slightly too big, Jenna has given me a variety of "fixes" each time I complain about the boots.

1.  I add socks between the velcro and my ankles to give my legs more girth.

2.  I put foam wedges under my toes to help keep my heels pushed back.

3.  I put my orthotics in to give my feet better placement and support.

If you look closely, you'll see that my heel still lifts up.

I also wear socks so my feet continue to smell as fresh as morning dew.  I hate wearing socks to bed.

I have to put the boots on when I'm completely ready for bed, because they bend my ankles well beyond 90 degrees.

These boots are not made for walking.

Oh!  And did I mention I wear retainers at night too?

Awww, yeah.

*I was not endorsed by Tommie Copper compression gear. I'm just a happy customer. 

Alright, now does anyone else have a fancy bedtime routine?

UPCOMING POST:  THE RESULT OF ALL THIS CRAZINESS (Here's a hint, check out the new "Operation Hardcore Fit" button at the top right.  My good friend Meg O is hosting at Watch MeGo Run.  Click on over!)


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