Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goodnight K.I.S.S.

Back in August, I took on a whatever-it-takes attitude to get back to running.  This led to me going home from physio with all kinds of innovative bedtime accoutrements, keeping things anything but simple. (Hence, the K.I.S.S. Get it?)

Athletic tape on my foot? Sure!

Kinesiotape on my calves? Great.

AthletokinesioMcSomethingorother tape my back?  Absolu...hmm.

This one felt like someone pulling my shoulders back and down 24/7.  And I became allergic to the tape. Helped the shoulders though.

I finally got ankle and calf compression sleeves.*

I also got incredibly cumbersome, annoying amazing splints to wear while I sleep to stretch out my calves and Achilles tendons.  When I went to the specialist to get them, the guy said:

He did not have any, so he gave me small adult ones.

When I went to my next physio appointment, my therapist, Jenna, said:

The boots (as I like to call them because they kinda look like ski boots) are done up with three velcro straps.  They also have 2 additional straps that start at the back and end at the bottom; they are used to increase or decrease the tension on your feet and calves.  The straps all invariably get stuck to each other.  Since I wear them to bed, that means that just as TriGuy is falling asleep, I am 'prepping' over on my side of the bed.

All the sticking and ripping (and sighing and grunting) takes a good 5 minutes.

Because they are slightly too big, Jenna has given me a variety of "fixes" each time I complain about the boots.

1.  I add socks between the velcro and my ankles to give my legs more girth.

2.  I put foam wedges under my toes to help keep my heels pushed back.

3.  I put my orthotics in to give my feet better placement and support.

If you look closely, you'll see that my heel still lifts up.

I also wear socks so my feet continue to smell as fresh as morning dew.  I hate wearing socks to bed.

I have to put the boots on when I'm completely ready for bed, because they bend my ankles well beyond 90 degrees.

These boots are not made for walking.

Oh!  And did I mention I wear retainers at night too?

Awww, yeah.

*I was not endorsed by Tommie Copper compression gear. I'm just a happy customer. 

Alright, now does anyone else have a fancy bedtime routine?

UPCOMING POST:  THE RESULT OF ALL THIS CRAZINESS (Here's a hint, check out the new "Operation Hardcore Fit" button at the top right.  My good friend Meg O is hosting at Watch MeGo Run.  Click on over!)


  1. Haha, man, you must be one sexy thing crawling into bed! haha, too funny. Hope your legs/calves/Achilles are feeling better!

  2. ... Oh. My. Word...
    That is some crazy business!
    Tell me though, what happens when you have finally gotten the boots on, you lay back and you realise you have forgotten the wedges or the orthotics? ;) LOL
    Can't wait to hear how it all turned out!

  3. Poor you...and poor Tri-Guy. I'm now working on the "These boots are NOT made for walking" song for Nancy Sinatra.
    Also, I have a special treat for you over at my blog.

  4. Oh wow, that is an intense routine!! I think my bedtime routine sounds a bit simplistic haha- wash my face, put on lotion, brush and floss teeth, pee, and go to bed :).

  5. Bahaha!! You're dedicated, girl. I'll give you that! Haha!!

  6. Hahah that sounds like a nightmare - that's quite a lot of gear. Hey, are you by chance part robot?

  7. This is so funny!! I hope all of that hullabaloo you went through results in a great 2012 of racing!!!

  8. Haha your drawings are HILARIOUS and that is quite the bedtime ritual. :)

  9. That sounds familiar:) My hubby has the boot (not that he actually wears it) and I have had the feet taped and plantar fasciitis braces. What we go through just to be able to run!

  10. Texa: Yes. I am super sexy (if you have a fetish for traction)

    Kristin: If I have to get up again to get something...I make TriGuy do it :)

    Pickleope: Yes, poor TriGuy. Looking forward to that song! A surprise for me? I love surprises!

    Lindsay: Sounds normal to me!

    jennie: I really do love running, what can i say?

    Gia: If only. But I do like to pretend I'm the Bionic Woman.

    Erika: Met too!

    Madeline: Thanks! Yes, it is.

  11. O my Lord! And you're still smiling?

  12. hiker mom: We must be crazy, but it really is worth it :)

    RCB: Beats the alternative!

  13. Hilarious. Reminds me of our teenage years. Me and my friend both were crazy about heels and once we got a shoe whose wedge Linda competed with a multistorey. And when she wore that her bro and her boyfriend both offered their shoulders and it was more like leg injured person or like handicapped.

  14. holy cow!!!! How long does it take you to get bed ready? Bed time routine hmm fluffing all my 8 pillows and roll myself into 3 blankets...done

  15. Hahaha! All I do is a heating pad. I thought that was crazy.

  16. This is hilarious. Wonder what's going to happen to you when you get old. Btw what happens when you really need to go in the middle of the night ya can't send triguy.

  17. Your retainers are beautiful! :) If I hadn't had to have mine replaced a few years ago, mine would still be neon green and sparkly. :)

    Your bedtime routine sounds.... well.... extreme.

  18. meandmythinkingcap: Oh, TriGuy once gave me a piggyback when we were dating since my platform sandals created enormous blisters. I only wear old-lady shoes now.

    Poke the Rock: Well, if I take into account brushing my teeth while stretching, flossing while stretching...carry the 4... so, 3 hours.

    Kerrie: A heating pad is good. You could also get a heated mattress cover. We have one of those; it's the best!!

    not athletic: Yeah, that's just not an option. You have to be well-prepared before bed.

    Lindsay: Aren't they? I had to get all fancy with them because well, wire and plastic is just unattractive. Neon sounds pretty rad too!

  19. Ha, I've been there! I once had KT Tape the entire way up my thigh, hip, and mid back. It worked, but pulling it off later was a beast. Anyways, my worst bedtime thing is that I make my husband fill a humidifier that I run all night. It drives him a little nuts, but it's made a huge difference in feeling better in the mornings.

  20. hahaha I LOVE the retainer! I really should wear mine to bed. It hurts so dang much to wear it now though. Mine is hot pink, but I am way jealous that you have sparkles in yours!

  21. So you're not just running for fun anymore, right?!?! I'd like to see ANYONE come up with a routine to beat that one!!!

  22. haha I esp love the Diary of a Wimp Kid look alikes!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  23. runningonwords: You start to feel a bit mummified, don't you? Oh, we have a humidifier in our bedroom too :)

    skippinginseattle: Hot pink is fun too :)

    Red: I always run for fun! And races (because they're fun too :D)

    momto8: Thanks for coming by. I'm guessing with 8 kids the Wimpy Kid books are always around.

  24. This is CRAZY! I have to hand it to you....if I had all that stuff to do I'd never run...probably just give up and change my name to "swim girl that used to tri" ;)

    Tommie copper is amazing. they changed my moms life :) she has arthritis

  25. Good Grief. I would never sleep again! But hey, if it helps, you gotta try.

    LOVE the pickled version of you by the way.

  26. Ali: For a while I wore the boots every night, but now I don't feel that I have to anymore so it's not so insane. Yeah, I've been really happy with Tommie Copper. I'm wearing my sleeves right now :)

    VV: I really thought they would keep me up all night but I've managed to sleep pretty well with them. At first I had them too tight so I'd wake up in the middle of the night and have to take them off, but now they're fine. I love my pickled self too :D

  27. Lol - I had plantar fasciitis when preggo with my kids, so I'm laughing my butt of bc I went through the same thing, except with a big huge tummy too. Is all of this helping?

  28. Janice: Oh, holy moley. I can't imagine trying to get those boots on while brewing up a baby! Yes, it is helping :)

  29. Keep that up and you'll eventually turn into a triathlon cyborg :-)

  30. Those looks extremely uncomfortable to sleep in. ._.

  31. Dr. Cynicism: One can only hope...that way at the end of each race I could say "I'll be back" :P

    DWei: They're surprisingly not that bad.

  32. Still working on my daily exercise routine. Bed routines are way above my league but can't wait to have one.

  33. just tututiny: Thanks for stopping by :)

    Tracey: Ha, yes it can be pretty intense.

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