Thursday, November 24, 2011

Like a Turtle Riding a Donkey (i.e. I'm Not the Fastest Cyclist)

I stumbled out of the swim and TriGuy was there, camera in hand.  I asked him when Ann Marie had come through.

I set about getting myself  through T1 and since I was right next to the fence, TriGuy came around to take pictures.  I was so diligent shaky and dizzy that it took me 6 minutes to make it through.  TriGuy was helpful by documenting the adventure.  He was able to document a lot.

ran walked my bike up the hill and took a nice long drink out of my water bottle, since I didn't want to have to crash stop and drink on the way.

I hopped on the bike and traced the crescent moon.

I hopped off, repositioned to point the bike the right way (yes that happened)...and then, I was off!

I knew that my new bike would make me a bit slow so I expected some passing to take place.  But  I didn't really expect EVERY FLIPPIN' person to overtake me.  I was in an auditory bombardment of:

It. Was. Maddening.

And then, as if that wasn't bad enough, the 11 year old girl passed me...  And I never caught up. Buuuut, that's ok because she had a road bike and I was working harder than all those fancy road bike riders. Yep. That's m'story and I'm stickin' to it.

Honestly, that's about all I remember of the bike leg, except that I have a vague recollection of being passed by some dude on a really old bike.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure he was shirtless.

And hairy.

                      THE RUN LEG OF THE RACE


  1. Hahahaha love the shirtless, hairy dude. Too funny!

  2. I haven't ridden a bike in ages, then again, I don't think I fit my old one anymore.

  3. Bahaha! An 11-year old girl? Talk about humbling ;). During my first (and only) half-marathon, a man who could very well have been Santa flew past me in the last few steps...therefore completing his FULL marathon. He was barely sweating too. Ass. ;)

  4. "Like a turtle riding a donkey." Haha. Great imagery! Okay, now listen up because I'm about to tell you something that might make you feel a tiny bit better... You could be having your worst day EVER... and you'd still beat me!

  5. Was the hairy guy riding one of those old timey bikes with the giant front wheel? Sounds like your equipment betrayed you. But you were doing this for yourself, right? You rock and I look forward to the next installment.

  6. I'm pretty sure that harry guy also passed me in the Toronto marathon... What's up with that!?

  7. Yvonne: You were up way too late last night. Hairy stick figures are fun to draw.

    DWei: You can learn again, just be prepared to crash at the beginning...oh wait, that's probably just me. You would be fine.

    jennie: Humbling, yes. How dare these people do better than us?

    Little Gothic Horrors: Hehe, thank you for that :)

    Pickleope: Yes he totally was, and he had on a top hat and a monacle, and yelled 'what ho!' as he passed me. My equipment kept me stable, so it was a trade off. And yes, I raced my own race and was thrilled I could finish!

    Meghan: I think the hair keeps him insulated so he goes faster.

  8. Oh my gosh...that was hilarious! Love the "on your left" part - that has happened to me way too many times and I get really pissy after a while! Times when I wish I had a stick... I kid, I kid... Sort of :)

  9. Hahahah the hairy guy drawing is best. Can you imagine sharing a bar of soap with him? Ick ick ick.

    Also, you should post some of TriGuy's pics. You know, for comparison (and hilarity)

  10. Erika: Oh, a stick! That would be a great idea except I'd lose my balance and crash trying to hit people :P
    Had such fun meeting you and Julia (for the 20 minutes she was awake)!

    Gia: Eeeewww. Hehe. Nah, I can't have photos of me on here (except on the 'about me' page).

  11. haha! this totally had me laughing. yesterday in the turkey trot i was telling my brother that i hate getting passed by small children, people with strollers and old guys with shorts that are shorter than mine. All 3 happened yesterday...bahaha!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog :) excited to follow you!

  12. people should pay you and publish this blog as a book.....just saying ;)

  13. Julia: Oy, all three?? How annoying! Glad you're here though :)

    Ali: Awww, thanks :D (Do you know any people like that?)

  14. That was an alpaca riding a bike that passed you wasn't it? It's okay to admit it, I'll believe you.

  15. Every flippin' person? Oh. Sadness. And annoyingness. ;)

    The only reason I didn't come last in my first fun run is because I refused to be overtaken by a kid who was walking it. He was hot on my tail the whole way.

    Kid didn't even break a sweat. :/

    Having a more detailed look through your blog now. Found you via the FLOB blog hop.

    You might also be interested in checking out my blog that I didn't post...

    ..apparently I'm doing 10km runs and building up to running a marathon. Madness. ;)

  16. Tonya: Yes. Yes it was.

    Vikki: Well, maybe not *every* person, I mean we didn't all start at the same time :D Nice work on the running!

  17. I'm feeling the on your left thing, albeit on your right. Cos of being a Limey and pedalling on the other side of the road. Got that a fair bit when I did a sponsored cycle in the summer. Some people are just ridiculous at cycling - keeping pace with cars even!

  18. Cranface: I am glad you explained the 'on your right' thing, because I can be a bit *daft* :D

  19. Read your strange..

    it's definitely this one..


  20. Vikki: Got it this time :)

    2Pesos: Thanks :)


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