Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks...For Blog Friends (and awards!!)

Let's just consider this my Thanksgiving post, shall we?  (On Thanksgiving I ate some wonderful food and posted a completely non-holiday story.)  I have thanking to do aside from my health, my family and my friends because in the past month I've been given two (2!) blogging awards!  The first is this baby:

It is from Pickleope, self-described as "the unholy cross-breed of a pickle and an antelope, and your guide to modern thinking".  All I know is, it all comes from an incredibly demented mind of genius and wit.  Thank you Pickleope!

The Sweet Blogger Award is to go to three more blogs.  The first thing that came to mind was the Fearsome Threesome, comprised of Megan (MegO), Erika and Megan.  Each of these wonderful women have athletic sites:

MegO at Watch Me Go Run writes about running, healthy eating, her boyfriend and her dog.  She includes lots of photos and is incredibly funny!

Erika at This Spartan Will! is a super-athlete who just signed up for an IRONMAN y'all!  I would say she is crazy but I've met her and she is incredibly sweet and funny...and in shape!

Megan at On the Road Again Megan is a long-time runner and a teacher who is expecting a baby, practically any day now!

The second  award I received is the Versatile Blogger:


Courtesy of Stacie at Skipping in Seattle.  She seems incredibly fun and happy, living life to the fullest!   If you want to see what I mean, check out her amazing Halloween costume!  Thank you Stacie!

This award asks that you share 7 facts about yourself.  It's always a bit tough to come up with these, but I dug deep and well, here's what I came up with.

1.  I can NOT stand anything made of wood in my mouth, or anyone else's mouth for that matter (think: popsicle sticks and tongue depressors).

2.  While I did have braces as a kid, my teeth shifted as I got older and I spent almost four years in them as an adult.

I hated every day of it, but it was totally worth it because I don't have daily jaw pain anymore. Always wear your retainers, kids!

3.  Beer makes me violently ill. I must be allergic to it.

Thankfully, wine and girly cocktails do not have the same effect :)

4.  Sometimes, I lean toward the dramatic.

But I really don't exaggerate about the athletics on this site. Sadly. And you're welcome.

5. TriGuy was (and is) my first love.

6.  We watch an unhealthy a fair amount of movies, and sometimes I think we have entire conversations in a dizzying array of movie lines.

7.  And finally:  meet the newest FitFluential Ambassador!  (You guys know I meant me, right?)

What does that mean?  Well, it means they think I'm influential about fitness, of course! (Shhh, don't tell them I don't know what I'm doing!) They'll connect me with products that cater to my type of lifestyle, as well as other like-minded bloggers.  So, I guess that means it'll be something like this:

The Versatile Blogger Award goes to five more blogs.  I chose:

Jennie at Well Shut the Front Door!  She's pretty funny and now, apparently, a little badass :)

Tonya at Where Have All the Hobos Gone?  She's snarky and she draws.  What more could you ask for?

Ali Mc at Running /w Spatulas.  She runs and she bakes and she blogs about both.  She has the cutest background on her site too!

Kristin at And she ran....  She has begun a journey to healthy living through diet and running.  Her progress to date is amazing!

Adrian at Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls.  She's a runner and a hairdresser who does some modeling on the side and is a genuinely sweet person.  And she must  be incredibly happy because she is definitely pretty!

*Hey guys, if you're starting your holiday shopping, I have lots of stocking stuffers at my Zazzle shop!  I'm adding new stuff on a regular basis, and if there's something specific you want or if you have any questions, drop me a line!  Also:  you can shop Zazzle in *your* country (no customs!), using the appropriate extension; e.g.,,, etc...



  1. Well-earned accolades. Your answers were so freaking funny. I didn't know that an aversion to wood-in-the-mouth was a thing. Where does that come from? And the plastic wrap thing got me giggling.
    By the way, for you, I'm clicking on every ad I see on your site to hopefully hook you up with some deserved compensation for your hard work.

  2. Yayy thanks for the award! I always tend to lean towards the dramatic too and ryan and I watch too many movies too. Only more reasons we were destined to be friends. Love that tri guy was your first love. Congrats on fitfluential. I applied too, Kelly said shell be emailing me soon

  3. Aww, I was awarded! Thanks.

    I sometimes have an aversion to wood in my mouth as well. ;P

    In all's the splinters piercing the tongue possibility right? Tell me I'm right.

  4. Hahahah I'm glad that after you wrote "I can NOT stand anything made of wood in my mouth, or anyone else's mouth for that matter" you added "(think: popsicle sticks and tongue depressors)" because I assure you that was NOT what I was thinking

  5. I'm going to creep ALL these blogs, thanks for shout outs :) xo also I sadly don't have that background anymore. maybe I'll have to reinstate it :D

    #3 and #4 were the ones I could most relate too. I love that you can drink wine - one day we'll have to split a bottle ;)

  6. Thanks for the award! And for giving me some new blogs to check out!! I completely understand the beer thing too! WHat do they put in that stuff?

  7. I'm glad Gia wrote that comment so I know I'm not the only dirty mind out there. Haha! Your beer drawing is AMAZING - as usual. Congrats on your awards :)

  8. Pickleope: I think you just might definitely be my best platonic male internet friend :) The wood thing...I think it might come from tongue depressors at the pediatrician and a very sensitive gag reflex.

    Meg O: The fact that there were 3 recipients made the decision a slam dunk! Another reason I know we'll be friends! Erika is awesome! I saw that Kelly tweeted you--I hope you'll be in FitFluential too :D

    Tonya: You're so welcome! It's the tingling in my teeth at the mere thought of it (even typing it now).

    Gia: Hence the disclaimer :D (I have family who read this :P )

    Ali Mc: Glad you are checking them all out! We can totally split a bottle as long as you have 3 glasses :)

    Kristin: You're very welcome! Yes, I vouch for all the blogs and I'm glad you're going to visit them :D

  9. Aww, thanks for the award! I've always thought of myself as more sour, but I like the "Sweet" award, too. I'm so excited to meet you when we finally go to Seattle in June!

    Loved reading your random 7 things. My husband and I also talk to each other in movie lines. Perhaps when we visit, the four of us can have a long, movie-induced conversation :)

  10. Ixy: Thanks! And yeah, I know my audience ;)

    Megan: You're welcome! I would love to have a movie conversation in June!

  11. Well, shut the front door!! :D

    THANKS SO MUCH for the award, girl!! I LOVE awards!! *throws glitter* *spins*

    Your pictures always make me laugh! And I too have a flare for the I'm sure my hubby will attest to. ;)

    ps. The reference to The Fifth Element is AWESOME!

  12. Ah braces. Genuinely horrific. I had them from 13 to 18. To realign my unnaturally large over bite. Thankfully, they worked, and now I only look like 75% freak!

  13. jennie: I'm so happy you're happy, and that you happen to have glitter available for the occasion! AND that you got the Fifth Element reference!

    Cranface: Yeah they suck but they I got to be pretty close with everyone at the orthodontist's office since I was there so often :)

  14. I hate popsicle sticks too!! Make me cringe every time! Congrats on becoming part of the fitfluential team! Awesome!

  15. Thanks for the blog links, I'll check those guys out

  16. Christina: They are so awful! And thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing what I get to do :)

    Adam: Hope you find some reads you like! (I obviously like them all :P )

  17. Ha, it seems like everytime I come and take a visit at your blog, you're receiving some kind of award. That means you're awesome.

    And, to answer your question, yes, that second picture is me. I'm a freak. :)

  18. My 2 Pesos: Thanks!

    Shannon: Well, it's been a little while since the last one. But yeah, I guess it feels like i'm *always* getting awards (totally kidding). I loved that picture, btw.

  19. Congratulations! I SO enjoyed this post - but not sure what liking the Beer/Vomit pic best says about me??!! Maybe it just says I'm an Aussie!!!

    Look forward to checking out your awardees - and I'm sure that 'au' extension was put there for me ...

  20. Awesome article I got to say. Keep up the excellent work with your website and I look forward to your next post!

  21. Red: Thanks! I really enjoyed drawing that pic so what does that say about me? And yes, you are one of the Aussies I thought of when I put the .au in there :D

    Jason: Thanks :)

  22. Congrats to everyone who won an award!

  23. I am JUST AMAZED!! Darling, after I am reading your blog, and watching your pics... I am just like... sparkling :) they make my day!!! Thank you a lot for that!! xoxo

  24. DWei: All deserved!

    Iloshka: Your comment helped make my day :)

  25. Congrats on the award and loved the answers. Fun!! That is interesting on the beer though. Thank goodness for wine ;-)

  26. Heather: Thanks! Crazy about the beer, right? Not the recovery drink for me :)

  27. Congrats on the FitFluential Ambassadorship (what a prestigious title, huh?)!
    Love the illustrations to this post!

  28. fitknitchick: Thanks! It certainly does feel prestigious, doesn't it?

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