Sunday, May 22, 2016

So About this Triathlon Thing...

Ok here's the thing:

For those of you who don't know me very well (or at all) this might seem strange based on the evidence.

This last entailed moving from a house to an apartment, giving up my job and starting my own business. The second part was not in the plan when we moved, but California is a wacky place so getting a job as soon as I moved here just did not happen.

I only stewed and had tantrums for the first month.

But now I'm embracing it.


ANYWAY, let's move on to the triathlon, which is why you're here.

If you read any of my early posts you'll see that I legitimately had to learn to ride a bike and to swim just a few years ago, when I decided that doing a triathlon was a good idea.

Most adults have a basic ability to ride and swim and I had managed to lose those skills.

As for running, I ran the 1500 for a couple of years in tweenhood and it never felt good so I quit.

Fast forward to today:

I have a very small comfort zone.

So here I am 3 months into living in a new place and this is my progress:

I started running pretty soon after I got here because it's easy to get out the door and run around my neighbourhood.  My big step was going to a running boot camp that's just a couple of blocks from home. It took me over a month to work up the nerve to go.

I went for one ride last summer after my Oly tri and I fell. Again.

So not only am I scared of falling on my bike, but I don't know where to ride that is not in traffic or completely overrun by other cyclists, roller bladers, walkers, runners, and other modes of transportation.

I've never seen so many skateboards and hoverboards in my life and their riders are fearless.

(There is a group ride on Saturday mornings at 8am but I'm not motivated enough to get up that early to do something that makes me nervous.)

I think I also swam just once after my race. I don't really have a good excuse for this one: I have a gym with a pool 3 miles away that I haven't ventured out to yet (comfort zone?) and an ocean within walking distance.

Definitely out of my comfort zone.

With all that in mind, I don't see a triathlon in my plans for this year.  But I'm going to keep going to Cardio Camp so you'll probably see more posts about running and fitness. For now I'll be TriGirl-on-Hiatus, slowly inching my way forward.

Brittney is a great coach!

And tomorrow I might even go for that swim!


1. Do you struggle with acclimating to a new city or do you dive right in?

2. If you struggle, how long does it take you to feel like you're "home"?



  1. My comfort zone is pretty darn small, and moving would definitely be outside of it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Christine. It's nice to know others feel the same way!

  2. Back when we moved to oakland and the child was struggling a therapist friend said to me OH THATS TOTALLY NORMAL! IT TAKES 18 MONTHS TO ADJUST TO A MOVE.
    So that.
    And YOU? You are amazing and strong and resilient and talented.
    And you really really are doing a fantastic job and will look back on all this in a year or so and SMILE.

    1. 18 months--wow. I know my move to Austin was tough because I had just graduated, couldn't get a job, moved to a new country...Seattle was easier because I had a job right away. This is taking time but it's getting there. I think I want to tattoo your words across my forehead. Thank you so much!!
      And you were up EARLY this morning!

  3. You started your own business!?! Pimp it!
    There are unicyclists in your neighborhood? That would be a hell of a triathlon if a unicycle was introduced instead of a bicycle. Good luck poking your way out of that comfort zone.

    1. I will pimp it out when it's time for sure. But it's not at all fitness related so I won't be doing too much on here.
      There are unicyclists, but there are actually just single motorized wheels people ride on!! This place is madness!

  4. That's a lot of changes! Totally makes sense that you need time to readjust. (Also, what's your business!?)

    1. You said it! My business is geared toward other speech pathologists and to parents of young kids...not really something I'll be promoting much on here :P

  5. I haven't changed states, but I have worked in many schools and for several school districts. Change is good (in my mind)-forces me OUT of that bubble. Good luck with your new ventures! You live in Triathlon mecca- I bet you do one!

    1. Change *is* good; it's the getting through it part that's rough :) And we'll see where I'm at in a year; I might very well be back into tris then.

  6. Embrace the fitness weirdness of LA. Then rock the heck out of your new biz. Glad to see you back at stick figures. Who cares about tris? You're the key!

    1. Thank you Kymberly...or Alexandra :) Moving out of the suburbs sure is different!

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