Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Exercising" the Danskin Demon (Part 3...of 3)

I had now made it two thirds of the way through the race.  Nothing left to do but run away! Patty is a walker and insisted that I go ahead.  We said we would see each other at the finish line and I headed out.  Since running was something I could actually do without needing extra padding:

or flotation devices,

I was off feeling light on my feet!

It ended up being more of a slalom activity, really.  If you recall from Part 1, Patty and I were among the very last of the racers in the "buddy wave" (read: "non-competitive just-please-lord-don't-let-me-drown/crash/trip wave").  Turns out this is the group in which the ladies like to walk, en masse, taking up the whole road, chit-chatting.

Time was clearly not of the essence.  Race? What race? But, these women were savouring their time together so it's hard to fault them for that :)

Anywhoodles, I ran.  Past the 1 mile mark, past the turnaround, and up the hill to...wait.  Hill? I was not told did not bother to read that there would be a hill on the run.

I did not want to spend one extra second on the course when I could instead be sitting down at the finish.  So, I trudged up the hill and began to see a glut of women walking back to their cars already donning the precious, precious finisher's medal (my preeeeciousssssss).

I was now in the home stretch and got a few surprises.

Surprise #1:  Mary cheering for me right before the entrance to the finish chute:

That was just so cool!

Surprise #2:  This costumed lady was the official cheerleader at the finish:

I do believe that is a white balloon in her blonde wig.

Her job was to tell me Surprise # 3:

Say whaaaa??  Oy.

Surprise #4:  Actually finishing the race!

It was pretty freaking amazing, and having that cheering section made my first successful tri just incredible!

*This was last year and I did 2 more tris this past summer.  I will be posting those recaps but in the meantime I have to tell you all about my trip home!



  1. Such a great job, and what an awesome feeling! Too cool girl. You did it! You did what you set out to do.
    And those ladies just chit chatting, I'm with you. How can you just take it easy when you know you can be done sooner. Oh well, hopefully they had something really important to talk about, haha.

  2. Yay, way to go finisher!! I always want to rush through the end of a race too because then I am done and can take my nap. Walking means it'll be even longer, so I don't like to walk.

  3. Congratulations! Honestly, I figured you finished but there was a small question after parts 1 and 2 that maybe, just maybe you had to be dragged across the finish line. But no! You made it! Very inspirational.

  4. That is so awesome! And it sounds like the women around you in the race made it a lot of fun too - always a good thing!

    Congrats again - and as always, love your drawings!!

  5. Not knowing there's a hill coming up is always an unwelcomed surprise! But congrats on finishing despite that fact!

  6. Texa: Yes, it was! I guess the ladies were enjoying the rare seattle sun :)

    runningonwords: Haha, yes! Napping after a race is the best!

    Pickleope: Thanks! I can't blame you for thinking I might not make it, given my track record :)

    Erika: Yes I think so many of us were just there for the experience that in general it was a very supportive race. Thanks for always commenting on the pictures; I do love to draw them!

    Kurt: Thanks! Yeah, it was my own fault for not knowing about the hill (and Patty said she had told me about it too!)

  7. Congrats!!!
    *I've been to one race (only a 5k.. I'm not that cool), and I saw the crowd of people and thought I was finished... only to realize that I still had a little ways to go. OY! So frustrating! ...But we didn't have a lady dressed up with a balloon in her wig... that might have made it worth it! :)

  8. This is seriously so impressive to me. I'm running a 10K in a couple of weeks with a 5K shortcut. Guess who's taking the shortcut?
    *raises hand*
    This girl. Right here.

  9. KSK: Thanks! There's nothing wrong with a 5k! Lots of people can't run that far!

    Vapid Vixen: Thanks Vixen :) See what I just said to KSK...ditto to you!

  10. Hi TriGirl,

    Just dropping by to return your visit. Triathlon??!!! Now that's what I find scary! And I thought you said you weren't a horror fan! Haha!

  11. I LOVE this - Just found you on the GOTRIbal fan page and I can't believe what I've been missing!

    How DO you do those incredibly awesome pictures? So cool and makes your posts so fun.

    DIG this -- thanks for writing. Keep sharing fun stuff with us!


  12. Little Gothic Horrors: Touche :P So glad you're here :)

    Tanya: It's a bit surreal to me that you're here...pretty exciting for me! I have such a great time drawing my pictures. It takes me a while but it's totally worth it :)

  13. Haha - I'm one of the 'talkers'! I find it covers up for several things: 1) no talent; 2) no fitness; 3) no stamina and 4) being jealous of others who have all of the above!!

  14. Rida: Thank you!

    Red: Well like I said, they seemed to be having a great time :)

  15. Still loving this, and now that you linked up to the hop, I hope even more people get to enjoy it too! Have a great start to the weekend and thanks for always being excited for Storytellers ;) You rock!

  16. Hello! I'm new to your blog and LOVE this post! Your creative pics crack me up!! I hear ya on the talkers.....I'm too competitive for that! Haha!

    Get Up & Go

  17. Texa: I love your hop because I always find new reads and they tend to be the types of sites i like to go to :)

    Sarah: Thanks! Yeah, i fancy myself a non-competitive participant...until whoever's in front of me is blocking my way :P

  18. OMG!! ! I just found your bog and I LOVE your drawings and what a great story they tell :) YAY!!!

  19. I did this race in Colorado - it was such a great race with all the 'girl power' feel about it. Congratulations!! XOLaura

  20. Ali Mc: Thanks! So glad you're here!

    Happy Homemaker: I agree, it has an awesome 'girl power' aura. Congrats on your finish as well!

  21. d'Arty from Comment Love here: that is freaking amazing! you should be incredibly proud of yourself--what a huge accomplishment!!



  22. Wow... how!!! I'm way WAY impressed!!! I too, am NOT a fan of running uphill. I try to avoid it at ALL costs... not that I run that frequently... but I'm just saying.


  23. Ug, the group of ladies walking would have driven me insane. Like you said, though, you can't fault them for enjoying their "race" their way. I can only imagine how cool it would have felt to cross that finish line.

  24. d'Artagnan: Thanks! Yeah it was great :)

    Liberty: Thank you...around here everything is hilly so i try to embrace it. But a surprise hill is not so fun!

    Karen: Yeah, it's hard to be mad, but i was a little annoyed :)

  25. hilarious!!! :) I am showing you some comment love & a hug too!!! thanks for stopping by my blog!

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