Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Exercising" the Danskin Demon (Part 2 of 3)

Just a scant 10 minutes and 50 seconds after entering T1 (not even exaggerating, you guys), I was ready to head out on my bike.  Patty had prepped me for the course with a variety of training rides.  The course included some mild slopes and one crazy access ramp.

The ramp was within the first couple of miles of the ride.  There were volunteers stationed ahead of the hill, shouting at us to get ready by shifting (all together now):

As we rounded the corner we saw the carnage on the ramp!  Everyone was pushing their bike up the hill, but Patty and I were determined to ride!  (Yeah!)  I let the pushers know I was there as I forged my way up with my increasingly desperate cries of:

Patty was fortunate enough to witness someone vomiting into the hay bales as she biked up.

Awesome.  Coincidentally, when I was hanging out with the paramedics 2 years ago, I heard this gem over the walkie talkie:  

I totally did not have that running through my head during the race.  Nope.  (Pretty sure someone broke their collarbone that year too.)

Each downhill on the course had me gripping my brakes for dear life, allowing everyone but the motorcycle cops to pass me.

Nevertheless, I did finish the bike and did not have to bail even once, so it was a success!

I got my bike back on the rack (possibly with some help from 2 racers who were already finished) and got ready for the final part of the race: the run!!


Hey guys, Meredith over at Swim Bike Mom asked me to link to her post about a little fighter she is racing for.  We all got into racing, and keep racing, for many different reasons.  Meredith is training for her first half iron (holy wow!) and stays motivated by thinking about Caleb.  His story is here.


  1. i enjoy the fact that the person tossing their cookies was throwing up the word "ralph". Made me laugh :) i'm pretty sure I'd be gripping my handlebars on the downhills for dear life too.

  2. I love the crazy maniacal eyes while yelling "On your left!".

    Good job and I'm glad it wasn't you ralphing on the hay bales.

  3. MegO: It actually makes me laugh too!

    Vapid Vixen: I'm sure I also sounded like a crazy person. No, I did my ralphing the year before in the ambulance...good times.

  4. A tale that involves a person biking off a bridge, vomiting on hay, physical exertion (even if it's just using the brakes going down hill), and all awesomely illustrated! So good. So so good.

  5. LOL! I love your 'ralph' girl! :)
    ***And holy what the freak!? Someone rode off the edge and couldn't find her last time???!!! CRAZY!!!

  6. Awesome that you didn't bail even ONCE!! These pictures are hilarious!

  7. Hahaha, ralph! That bike ride sounds really scary, but you survived and finished! Way to go!

  8. Pickleope: Thanks! Quite a tale, eh?

    KSK: Thank you :) Yeah, crazy right?

    Christina: Nope, not even once ;) And thanks!

    runningonwords: It was scary to me but it is tame compared to longer races!

  9. Wow!! That sounds like a bit of a scary bike. And ditto to the "Ralph" comments - and your drawings are top notch, as per usual ;)

    Can't wait to hear about the run!!

  10. Holy cow, over a cliff. Yikes! Who knew tris could be so scary. So proud of you and your biking. That is awesome. All that evil spinning class paid off. Now, on to read part 3 :)

  11. A BIG congrats on being determined enough to keep biking the whole course!

  12. Erika: Thanks :) It was scary to me...

    Texa: Thanks! Yeah, pretty crazy. I actually hadn't started spinning at that point, but it definitely helped with this year's races :D

    Kurt: Thank you! I was rather pleased about it!


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