Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Brought My "Eh" Game

Every year TriGuy and I make the cross-continent trek back to east-coast Canada to see our families.  (We have to fly both ways and boy do my arms get tired...nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)

While we were there, TriGuy convinced me to try some new things.  (Vapid Vixen get your mind out of the gutter...)

Thing 1:  We went golfing with his sister and brother-in-law.  I actually connected with the ball a lot more often than I expected; however, as the game wore on, there were a lot more of these:

A swing and a miss!  (For the record, I'm fully aware that that is a baseball metaphor.)

By the time we got to the 4th hole, I was feeling ready to conclude my first golfing experience.  I assumed we were only doing 9 holes.  You know what they say about assuming:

Just a quick 18 holes later, it was time to go.  I picked up the golf bag that I had borrowed to take it to the car.

Then I let TriGuy take it to the car.  Golfing was actually pretty fun, despite nearly getting beaned without so much as a forewarning (see what I did there?)  I might even do it again someday.

Thing 2:  We went go-karting.

I came in last.  After an 8-year-old girl.  But, I was at least a courteous driver whereas she kept causing traffic jams.  Oh, and just as I started going really fast, wouldn'tcha know it, my go-kart broke.  So I missed the last 2 laps. Otherwise I totally would have beaten still lost to that girl.

We left there still vibrating, and a little deafer than before.

We also spent some time at the cottage.  The first day was cold and windy.  There were white caps on the lake.  TriGuy and his mom were dedicated to swim anyway.  I  was a little chilly sitting on the dock.  But I was bullied encouraged to get in the water:

I gingerly walked down the stairs and immediately started gasping from the cold water.  I tried to swim to warm up and got slapped with a wave.

I was done.  (I may or may not have spewed some words that are inappropriate to say in the presence of your mother-in-law). Oh. And, there just happened to be a tornado watch and a thunderstorm that night.

There were fun times in the water, like canoeing with my nephews when the family came up for the day.

The 'rents came up to hang out as well!

They all enjoyed a much calmer day at the lake.

While in Canada, I partook in more adventures, such as Body Pump, Body Flow and spin.  And aqua jogging.  But those are for another post.

NEXT POST:  TAGGING ALONG WITH MOM AND GYMSIS (There will be spinning involved.)


  1. I absolutely love every one of your posts! I laugh several times and again, your drawings make me smile! Thank you for sharing about your adventures!! And I totally would have been beated by an 8 year old at go karting too - I get so nervous on those things!! :)

  2. If your go-kart breaks, do you get your money back, or do they call a mini-tow truck to drag you across the finish line?
    I love the illustration of the donkey and your chatter nephew.

  3. Golf is hard. I can't get through a whole round of putt-putt. Putt-putt exhausts me. How sad is that?

  4. We can't be letting 8-year-old little girls show us up, right?!


  5. Where were you at in my neck of the woods (aka I'm assuming you were in the maritimes)?!

    Your stories are hilarious and I love your drawings to go along with them !

  6. Yeah for Canada and new things :) Glad you enjoyed golf, most people don't the first time. I love golfing, the hubs taught me when we first met. But I really wish that it was only like 12 or 14 holes. It starts to drag after that! Glad the trip went (is still going?) great!

  7. Steve: Good. I hoped you would :) Hope you like you guys too!

    Erika: Thanks! Yeah those things are scary!!

    Pickleope: Thank you! Hehe. Nope. I just stopped :S

    Tonya: Oh, I haven't gone to putt-putt in years! I'm sure I'd whine about how long it takes :)

    Allie: Right!! :D

    Yvonne: Well actually, Ottawa. And thank you!

    Texa: I was surprised at how well it went (not that i'm a prodigy or anything) but it was long despite being a par 3 course. I got back 2 weeks ago and vacation feels like a lifetime has passed!

  8. Haha great drawigns!

  9. I really only like to golf 9 too... but.. I had to ask Jerk Face what they say about assuming... very clever :) (*and I only sort of feel like an ass)

  10. Your illustrations make me smile! Love it!

  11. Jessica: thanks :)

    KSK: i wondered if i was being too cryptic; glad you got it :)

    runningonwords: Glad to hear it!

  12. LOVE the drawings, literally laughing out loud!! Sounds like you had a crazy time and hope you had fun along the way ;) xx

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  13. Dude, you are so freaking talented. Your drawings are A-may-zing! And I'm secretly glad you came in last in the go-kart race...because that means we are like driving sisters :)

  14. TheOtherSideofCool: Thanks! I had a great time :)

    Dweej: Aw, thank you :) Yes. Yes we are :)

  15. AWESOME!!!!! We went to New Hampshire twice this summer. Lake water = Frozen Nipples. I did not swim in the Lake, and they couldn't make me!

  16. again love your drawings - great story I love living in Canada but I wish it stayed warm all year. I love "chatter nephew" LOL and the wave smash in face :P EPIC

  17. Well I'm in Ontario, Canada, and we were hiding in the basement during the tornado watch a few weeks ago, not swimming!! Your family is a gutsy bunch.

  18. You really do have a talent - that's the cutest comic cow ever.

  19. Whitney: Thanks!

    Ali Mc: Thank you :) Yes! The frigid winters are not fun and I don't really miss that aspect of living there.

    Ixy: I was seriously considering taking my pillow and blanket down to the cottage basement that night!

    Lemons: Thanks! (for the record it's supposed to be a in in 'when you assume you make an ass out of 'u' and 'me'. Hehe)

  20. i agree... you've mastered the minimalist MS paint comic art style

  21. hahha I LOVE THESE!!! You are so good at drawing on paint! Do you use a mouse or do you draw on a tablet with a stylus?? You are incredible!

    Belly B :)

  22. j. littlejohn: thanks for that compliment!

    Belly B: Thanks! I actually use an app on my iPad and draw with my finger.

  23. I love the donkey picture the best! You should totally have a giveaway where the winner can win a drawing of themselves from you. I think it would be hilarious! I would totally want you to draw one of me and my boyfriend. I'd frame it for sure lol.

  24. Christina: Great minds must think alike :) I actually did that when I got 100 followers. I had a "Drawing for a Drawing". Bernie at One Mixed Bag won.

    The drawing is here:

    Bernie, btw, is really funny!

  25. How did I miss this? So...TriGuy wants to do something new? I know of this really great drink mixer you two might be interested in...;)

    Nice work with the golfing. I've never made it past the driving range. And the go kart fiasco? You should totally get a do-over. Those 8 year olds are cheaters, every one of em!

  26. The 19th hole on the golf course has always been my favourite, sounds like you had a great time.

  27. VV: Is it alright if i call you that? you just made me choke on my vodka cranberry (does anyone still drink those? disgusting, but then your drink was not exactly a prize, was it...) Oh, and you're right about the go-karting but i have absolutely no plans to do that again.

    Ryan: I'm not up on the golf lingo, but i'm guessing that would be the watering hole? If so, that's the place to be! We did have a guy drive up on the 17th to sell us drinks though.

  28. I love your pictures!!


  29. somehow I missed this post! AHHH, the humanity :( I think i'd do the same golfing. I've never been and Ryan is nervous to take me. Not to be all childish, but since you made the joke about vapid vixen getting their mind out of the gutter, I did a total, "that's what she said" when you said, "I connected with the ball a lot" right after your initial gutter remark. Heh, sorry, I warned you.

    Also, I think if our family combined forces, we'd be unstoppable...especially with our clever names we use for them :)

  30. Kevin: Thanks so much!

    Meg: Hehe. I will now know to include you in future warnings :) Our names are incredibly clever, aren't they?

  31. Kelly Fox: Somehow I missed your comment before...I can't believe you passed up frozen nipples. Twice! You really haven't lived :)


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