Saturday, September 15, 2012

Will Run for High Fives: ChelanMan Sprint Tri (the run)

If you recall, I was running on numb hips and feeling just off.  (If you missed them, here are the swim and bike posts for this race.) But I told myself to just keep moving.  If there is one thing that I have learned from my training, it's that often those bad feelings pass if you can let your body find its autopilot.

I trudged up the nice steep hill that took us onto the road where the majority of our run would take place.  Once again, the lovely race organizer was there calling out encouraging words.

I passed some people and got passed by some others.  The course was on the shoulder of the highway with cars passing by.  It was narrow but manageable...except when people decided to walk side by side and block the entire way.

There was water and Heed (a scrum-diddly-umptious sports drink) available at the water station.  I grabbed a cup of "Heed",

and was sooooo disappointed to get water.

I was pretty warm and was grateful for those super-soaker moments.

Haha.  It really was hot.

The run itself was a gradual incline/decline for the most part, followed by a pretty significant uphill right before the finish chute (that was straight downhill).

On that last uphill there was one more (what I felt to be) poor race etiquette moment.  Two young guys in their 20s overtook me, which would have been fine if they had each just passed me on the left.  However, they ran on either side of me.

 I don't know why, but this really bugged me.  It felt cocky.

I yelled "So not cool!" but they of course completely ignored me.  I quickly recovered though, as I saw Dr. Tim ready with a big high five!!

You all know how I feel about those high fives!

Ann Marie was right beside him, ready with her high five.

And then all the spectators lined up after her gave me high fives too!

It was the perfect way to get up that hill and coast down to the finish, where TriGuy was ready with the camera!

ChelanMan is by far my favourite race of the year.  I get to travel, stay on a beautiful lake, and spend the weekend with some of my favourite peeps!  Maybe next year I'll go for the Olympic Tri!

Then again, maybe I'll just focus on speed work.  


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  1. I run for Hi-Fives too! There is nothing more motivating than the crowd giving you that magical hands-up!

  2. YAY for high fives! Sounds like a good way to end!

  3. I didn't know it was bad etiquette to pass on either side. I just thought they did that so that neither of them had to slow down to go single-file on the left or right (you did say it was narrow). Good to know. Also, now I know I need to get myself some Heed (are you getting paid for this?).

  4. YAY!! You did it!! High-fives, indeed! And what a pair of nimrods. Kids these days...sheesh. ;)

  5. i honestly think high fives so so much. They got me through the last dreadful miles of the marathon. That and a volunteer saying, "good job, looking strong". I'm sure I looked like death, but I NEEDED to hear that, ya know? Awesome race! I would have felt like those guys were cocky too.

  6. Meghan: They're full of energy!

    Gia: Yes it was!

    Pickleope: Hmm, I had not considered that. You might be right. No payment from Heed; there would have been a BIG disclaimer if this was sponsored. I just really like it :D

    jennie: Thanks! Ah well. like Pickleope suggested, those boys may have just thought it was better than to slow down.

    MegO: Yup, they rock! If I ever manage to get to the marathon, I will need many high fives! I'm not surprised you feel the same way :)

  7. "I believe you said Heed" made me lol. I pictured you stopping the entire race until they got you the right drink.

    If that passing on both sides nonsense happens again, try a leg sweep. It's hard to pass when you're face down eating concrete.

  8. Love this!!! And love me some high fives as well- such a small gesture really goes a long ways!
    And YES do the Olympic!! I can help you train!

  9. Congrats on the finish! Had to laugh about the Heed-turned-water; that's the worst! Water can be so...unrefreshing sometimes.

    You should go for the Olympic for sure. That's on my list for next summer, too. We can be virtual training buds with Erika as our virtual coach!

  10. Vapid Vixen: Can you imagine me stopping everyone? Haha. I will have to keep your leg sweep strategy in mind! How come these things never occur to me??

    Erika: Ummmmmmm, maybe. I really do need some actual coaching to get past my current level I think. But you have your own race to focus on right now!

    Megan: Yeah, I love water but not when I'm expecting something else. It would be fun to have a virtual training team :)

  11. I love how you break the tri up into multiple posts so you can focus on each sport.
    High fives are the best--especially from little kids. :D
    I haven't done a tri this year but am considering getting back into it for next year and maybe doing an olympic and maybe maybe a half ironman. Eek!

  12. Yay for high fives! I love this so, so much. Stupid double overtakers (I never do that with my man while walking around slow people....much).

  13. impressive!!! I run for hugs but then I would never get started running.

    Great to see people were cheering you on tho, is there a race etiquette course where you can learn these things because I didn't know that was bad etiquette.

  14. Yeah, I had the same thought as Pickelope. Sometimes I feel like I can't weave and slow down easily in a race because I'm getting tired. That's why I HATE people walking together in front of me. It got so bad at one race that I started screaming on your left so I didn't have to go so far out of my way or off the road.

  15. I love this and thanks for the smiles and great artistic depiction of a race! I would be bothered by being passed on both sides too. And how about a volunteer deciding to reach straight out in front of you to try to hand a cup of water to the runner on the other side of you? FYI - that runner was running along a whole table and line of volunteers handing water so had like xxxxx other options.

  16. Jenny: I agree, I love high 5s, big and small! Wow, a half iron!! Woohoo!

    Kate: Thanks :) Yeah, I wasn't happy about it, but it was short-lived :P

    Poke the Rock: Hehe, it might take a while to get through the race, but you'd feel great!
    As for the etiquette there are pre-race meetings that talk about rules (what drafting is, passing on the left, etc...) Other info you can definitely ask the race coordinators, other racers, and then watch what others do and see how people react :D

    runningonwords: Yeah, could be. It is hard to slow down for slower people, but I just felt like they could have single-filed it. Just my own feeling at the time though :)

    {lifeasa}RunningMom: Thank YOU! Oh, I've had awkward moments at the water stops too...that would be annoying. There should be a 'no clothes-lining the runners' speech at the volunteer trainings. Of course, I do love the volunteer race support though!

  17. So I'm guessing HEED is another kind of sports drink? I don't think they have it here in Canada, at least, I haven't seen it sold anywhere.

  18. Congrats on the finish!!!! Sorry you didn't get heed like you wanted. I haven't had that happen before, but it would be annoying. I also would have said something to those two guys also.

  19. so not cool to be ingest something other than what you think you're ingesting! grr.
    i LOVE the expressions on your character's faces. and high fives kick ass indeed.

  20. HILARIOUS I love love love the pictures. I feel the same way sometimes when I'm running but try to power through and usually end up feeling better!

  21. Congrats to you!! I know what you mean about the Olympic distance... it's tempting, but I don't really want to put in the training for longer bike and swim times. :)

  22. It is so awesome that you do tris! I've done three 1/2 marathons and one full, but I can't swim. *blushes*

    What is up with those two young guys? That really wasn't a cool way to pass you. They were definitely not high-five worthy after that!

  23. Hate it when I get the wrong drink, or when I have to ask what's in the cup...yes, I require a lot from volunteers! The pics, as usual, make the race report. Congrats, especially on that uphill finish with rude racers surrounding you! Seriously, some people need etiquette lessons!

  24. DWei: It is a sports drink, but to be honest I think it's not a huge company. I saw it a couple of years ago at this race and buy their stuff online, though I also see it at specialty run/tri stores. I find their gels especially don't taste like chemicals the way others seem to.

    Tasha: Thanks! Got any races coming up? I love to have others validate me, even if I don't always feel logical :D

    christina: Yup, I did not like it. And yes, high 5s are da bomb!

    Running with Sass: Thank you! Isn't it weird how your body can adapt like that?

    Laura: Thanks :D It is soooo tempting but seems difficult.

    Kathleen: Ohh, a full. That is on my list but I don't know how well my body will handle it. It's never too late to start working on swimming if you want to do it. I couldn't swim either a few years ago, but I just keep plugging away at it. And if you live in a colder climate most races let you wear wetsuits; wetsuit=wam and buoyant!

  25. Alison: Thanks so much! I do that too with the drinks if they're not shouting out what they have. I point directly at the person and ask: "Water?" or whatever I want at the time. The comments seem to be somewhat divided on the runner dudes; interesting :)

  26. Good job! I lived that right with you! I've only done a few sprint tris and that was plenty for me. An Olympic distance? Brave and strong woman. I love the high fives at the end or possible just the end.

  27. I'm impressed! And I agree: bad form to pass on both sides. Something funny about it. Like you're a stone in a river and they are just flowing right by you. NOT cool.

  28. All I can say is "you go girl" ... I am sooo not a runner ... but people say, as you did, that it's easier if you push through the parts you don't like ... sigh ... maybe someday ...

  29. Gina: Thanks! Yeah, I'm not convinced on the Olympic yet; it's just one of those things that keeps calling to me. The end of a race really is great!

    Kim S: Thanks! I suppose that'spart of what frustrated me--it made me feel like I just wasn't there, or important enough to follow the rules for. But you know, that's just me :)

    LemonadeLady: Thank you! It's true, I really didn't like running until I could run further than 3 miles.

  30. I'd totally high 5 you too. Anyone that does a tri is deserving :). I love your green face and your cartoons in general, so fun to read!

  31. Stacie: Thanks so much :) Glad you came by!

    Jack: It's true.

  32. popping by from Run with Kate! okay, i LUV finding another blog that is all about the art! great pics girl! :) arty runners unite...hehe.

  33. Sorry you got water instead of Heed. When I volunteered at a water stand, I had to learn to yell, "Down there!" when the runners asked for gatorade, because if I said, "Gatorade is down there," they'd grab for the cup. So confusing!

  34. Cait: Yes! Other drawing blogs are great to find, and drawing about sports is the best!! I'll be check out your site too :D

    Becky: Awesome! Volunteer level: expert.

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