Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Ran in Chelan...Man.

Back to completing the Chelan Man triathlon.  If you happened to have missed them, (gasp!) feel free to check out the swim and the bike.

I managed to finish the bike and rerack, transitioning in record time!  I even remembered to take off my helmet :)  TriGuy was there with the camera and I remember shouting to him about my brick legs.

It probably took about 5 minutes to get rid of that feeling and then I had less than 3 miles to go.  I have to say that running is my favourite part of the race.  I think it's a combination of it being
A) the hardest to mess up since there's no equipment involved (and less coordination needed) and
B) the last thing before I'm done!

It was an out and back course so I saw Ann Marie as I was heading out and she was heading in.

The run was uneventful compared to the swim and bike.  I just kept running until I was done!  I crossed the finish, found TriGuy and Ann Marie, and sat down to enjoy some post-race snacks.

We capped off the race day by watching the Splash 'n Dash, the absolute highlight of the weekend!  It was a kids' mini-tri.  It included a 25 metre "swim", 3 bike laps around the parking lot, and a run to the finish.

I don't know if my favourite part was watching the parents carry their children through the shallow water,

or the 18 month old who had his own ideas about the bike course distance.

All I know for sure is that we already booked our room for next year!



  1. Hahaha! Love the kiddie stuff!!! The distances are just about right for me!!!

  2. haha I would love to see a kids mini tri! That one parent looks like they mean serious business. I have to admit that I agree with the above comment...if I could do those distances, I totally do a tri ;) There wasn't a minimum age? I'm surprised an 18 month old got in on the action.

  3. Splash and Dash is hilarious!! And I agree about the snacking post-race - it's the best part ;)

  4. awesome as always!!

    cannot wait for your post on tips for beginners!

  5. Congrats on successfully finishing! I think they should have a splash n dash for adults, cuz that's more my cup of tea. Then we can all feel like winners!

  6. Good job finishing! I was worried after the first two legs that you'd be trampled or something. But all's well that ends well.
    Personally, I'd think I'd struggle with the kiddie-mini-tri.

  7. I just read all three legs. You are my hero!

  8. Hahaha moms carrying their children! I think watching that race would be thoroughly amusing! Congrats on the finish! I have to go back and read the first parts of this race!

  9. Red: I know, splash 'n dash sounds totally reasonable for a race, doesn't it??

    MegO: Yeah those parents were really intense! I think they had all done the 'grown up' races so were pretty competitive. Apparently there was no minimum age, but there was a maximum :P

    jennie: It's great right? And post race snacks are somehow followed by a ginormous meal :D

    Cyn: Thanks! That post should be up by the end of the week :)

    Gia: Thank you! Yes, it would be a lot easier to train for!

    Pickleope: Athankyouverymuch. Yeah, you never know how things will go with me ;)

    Dweej: Aww, thanks! (Not sure about hero...but I'll take it :D)

    Christina: Crazy, right??

  10. LOL! I love the stubborn bike kid... I am planning to give that method a go for my first tri :)

  11. Kristin: Ha! Good luck with that :D

  12. I like the maniacal look of the parent lugging their kid through the water. Competitive parental craziness.

  13. VV: You said it! The race director even teased the parents, saying they were the funniest part of that race.

  14. Congrats on finishing!

    For me, a splash and dash is a slang term for a very quick pint. Fitness fail!


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