Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Okay, Boys and Girls

We're changing things up a little since TriGuy has absconded with the ipad (i.e. drawing doohickey) for the week.  

It's pop quiz time.

Ok, not really;  it's the Q & A post.  Megan from WatchMeGoRun (my very second non-family blog follower and my bloggy bestie) tagged me with this:

me, TriGirl.

So, ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies...oh no, wait.  That doesn't really work here.
Alright, ask away (in the comments section) and I will answer*.

*Answers may be slightly exaggerated for my your amusement.

P.S.  If you want to stroke my ego a little, jump on over to For the Love of Blogs and click on my site for Best in Humor; you can vote every day (it's #16).  I've stayed away from it for a few days and just had a look. I've currently edged out my competition by a couple of votes. Thanks guys!

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  1. I really curious, how long does it take you to prepare a post? Those pictures seem like they would be time consuming.

  2. ahhh..good question runningonwords! I didn't realise you could get T-shirts...9I am obviously unobservant!)I will so be getting one Tri-girl!

    Q-What is your next event you are training for?

  3. I want to know how you've been able to get 163 followers (family or not). I'm stuck at just under 100 and seem to have plateaued (is that a word?). I think your pictures are really a 'draw' (they were for me, no pun intended!), but what do you think?


  4. I've always heard that marathoners and especially tri-athletes are forced to...uh...relieve themselves during competition. Can you confirm or deny this? (Sorry to go gross, but I've always been curious.)

  5. aww I'm honored to be your second non-fam follower and your bloggy besty :) I think it's funny we both did the distance thing w/our men in college. Kindred spirits once again! I do plan to get some of your swag soon, but I'm waiting until I get back from nyc (I need to know how much damage I do there first hehe).

    My qs:

    1. Are there any day to day (not the political stuff, we all know that) things that differ from the States to Canada? For example when you moved here did you feel like, "wow, this is weird?" about something?

    2. Which brings me to the next q: when did you move here?

    3. Do you consider yourself a woman of the states now or do you think someday you'll move back?

    4. What's the one race (regardless of place, price, or what it would take it get in) that you dream of doing?

  6. Hmmm, ok, let's see. I can think of at least one good one, right?! Right?!

    1. Favorite running/biking song of all time? What gets you going?

  7. Hmmm, Is there any song/image in your head that makes you start running faster or keeps you going?


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