Saturday, July 30, 2011

7 Links

The lovely Sarah over at Running on Words tagged me for the 7 Links post.  She is on a path to healthy living, and writes a no-holds-barred blog about losing weight through exercise and healthy food choices.  Go check her out!

I have to admit I had a bit of a hard time with this since I don't do the more traditional style of blogging.  I'm unique difficult.  But I put my thinking cap on and here is what I came up with.

Most Beautiful:  I really don't think this applies to my blog, but I decided to pick the one where I look the hottest.  My flash mob post.

Yup. H.O.T... You all see it, right?

Most Popular AND Most Controversial:  Since I routinely never run headlong into conflict and controversy, my blog tends to be a happy place.  But my first spin post was linked on a cycle instructor site and I got a lot of feedback from instructors giving me advice on finding the right class. (For the record, it was just my very first class and it was hard.  No one did anything wrong.)
Also, someone on that site wrote an article about his discontent regarding the stereotypes he believes I'm promoting.  That was interesting.

Most Helpful:  I would have to say that my amazing tips on the Athletic Stance has helped an inordinate amount of people...right?

Surprise Success:
I picked the post with the most comments as a judge of success, since I don't want to repeat myself from the 'most popular' link.  It was the post on my running form.

Not Enough Attention:
I guess I'd say my downhill ski post. But really, it's that it was syndicated on BlogHer and didn't get as much interest as the spin post :)

Most Proud:
It's not so much the post, but the story behind it. My very first half marathon at Chelan Man (it's a 2-parter. Second part is here.)

I have done 2 more halfs since then and 2 tris.  There are or will be posts for all of them and I would say that *finishing* my tri last year was an incredibly proud moment.

Now, to tag 5 very funny people:

Kristin over at KFun

Megan over at WatchMeGoRun

Tonya over at Where Have All the Hobos Gone?

Lindsey over at TexaGermaNadian

Bernie over at One Mixed Bag

UPCOMING POSTS:  BIKING, TRIATHLON RECAPS, Q&A RESPONSE, OTHER BLOG AWARDS (I should really get to those more quickly...)


  1. I love all these posts!!! And I am so happy for you that you got syndicated by BlogHer. Happy and impressed! Awesome :)

    I also, totally coincidentally, did a 7 links post today. Hope mine is as fun for other people as yours was for me. But without the awesome drawings, I'm thinking the chances are slim!

  2. Just watched the flash mob video. That looks like SO much fun. And the spinning article. Um..that guy, well. If you don't have anything nice to say...

    Working my way through the others. These are awesome. Oh, and skiing, WAY harder than snowboarding. I promise! You should give it a shot this winter.

  3. I tagged you for this because I really wanted to read the posts you'd highlight since I'm pretty new to your blog. They did not disappoint!

  4. Dweej: Thanks! Yeah the first time i was syndicated i got a ton of hits and comments. The second time i got a lot less attention...i think there aren't as many skiers and they had changed their format. I find it much more difficult to navigate and to find non-syndicated posts.

    Vapid Vixen: It was sososososo fun!! I didn't take offense to what that guy said because a) he's just trying to defend his job, and b) people in the comments told him to lighten up :P As for snowboarding, i'm pretty sure my knees and my booty couldn't take that kind of punishment!

    runningonwords: glad you did and i'm glad i didn't ;)

  5. Wow! You got syndicated. You go girl. I'm just coming off vacation, but will be doing this soon. Thank you for tagging me. It will make for a fun post.

  6. Bernie: Yay, glad you're back! Looking forward to the post!

  7. Thanks for the tag. I'll give this theme a go very soon. I love your drawing interpretations. I especially love the centaur drawing.

  8. Hobo girl: looking forward to your post! I love seeing other drawing blogs!


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