Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Day I Broke a Sweat

Over the months that we have been going to our indoor cycle class, it has been all I can do to try and keep my legs moving for the entire hour.  I've perfected eked out the climb,

(just barely) survived the sprints,

and happily confusedly gone for a run.

During the last class, our teacher gave us a new directive:

I decided perhaps I should try to work beyond the basic skill of cycling and try to get an actual workout out of it; y'know, actually get my sweat on and all.

I frequently checked my heart rate, trying to get it in the optimal 'fitness' and 'performance' zones as posted on the chart on the wall.


By the way, is it just me, or do you other Gen Xers out there want to break out into a little Kenny Loggins a la Top Gun every time you read "Danger Zone"?  No?  Just me? Ok, carry on reading then.

The whole aerobic thing was a touch harder than I had anticipated.

(I wish I were exaggerating.)

Sadly, there are no more Sunday classes again until the fall. (Did you catch the dripping sarcasm there?)  So, we're focusing on outdoor rides for now.  Which, of course, have their own obstacles.

*SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION* (as if having a blog isn't that in and of itself):  If you belong to For the Love of Blogs, they are having a BEST IN CATEGORY contest...ok, it's a popularity contest.  At any rate, you can vote for me here. THANK YOU if you already voted (I read somewhere that you can vote daily).



  1. This made me laugh out loud!
    Yes, spin class can be ridiculous, even when you bike other times on your own. I think every instructor is a bit nuts (but in sort of a good way!)

    And yes, now Danger Zone is in my head! I do the same thing.

    I voted for you! I love your blog!

  2. Ha, spinning is EVIL! I love that your instructor obviously has hellfire in her eyes. Ima go vote now, while singing Dangerzone.

  3. danger zone popped into my head once you actually said it. I like the 'zombie' zone on yours though haha. I haven't done a spin class in forever, but I do miss it. Evil instructors are kind of my favorite though. I'm crazy, I know. I curse them while it's happening, but love it after. I'm sure I need my head examined...

  4. As strange as this sounds, this post actually made me miss spinning. Yes, I said miss. Although I have been known to stealthily sneak my resistance down when the instructor says up, I still get a workout out of it. Oh yeah, by the way, I voted for you at FTLOB, not because you told me to, but because I saw your awesome, so funny blog there a couple days ago. Good luck. And you are not the only one doing the shameless self promotion act to win the popularity contest. I down right whored myself out. I may have a little too much free time on my hands.

  5. I've never done a spin class (because my gym sucks and doesn't have it).. but I've been intrigued...

    I just came across FTLOB's the other day, I'll go vote for you! :)

  6. LOL-fire in the eyes! I am positive this is how I am portrayed in the minds of my personal training clients and members of my spin class.

    So funny love love it!

  7. spin is so not for me...zumba yes, step, yes...
    but spinning...with that little seat going up my butt the whole time? no thanks

  8. Oh, you are a better lady than I am. Cycling kills me. And I like to think I am in good shape, but something about that bike just does me in! Already voted for you, love it!

  9. Before I read your small print Danger Zone was already going through the brain. It's a classic!! Or should be. I gave you an award so stop by and grab it and yes, it has indeed been confirmed that you can vote daily. I voted for you again today.

  10. Erika: I frequently find myself whipping my head around to look at my teacher, to see if she is serious or not. She's always serious. Thanks for the vote!

    runningonwords: i agree. i still have a love/hate relationship with spinning. Thank you for voting :)

    Meg: What, you don't have the zombie zone on your chart? It's good to have a teacher that pushes you, but man it's hard! Thanks for the first vote :P

    Lindsay: I'm no stranger to the resistance fake-out :) Sorry you don't have access to this special form of torture. Thanks for voting...I had voted for you too!

    KSK: FTLOB is such a great site. Thanks for voting :D

    Shelby: I'm sure that's true!

    Not a Perfect Mom: zumba is so fun! And yeah the seat is really uncomfortable!

    Texa: It's just really hard. I look around and can't figure out how the rest of the people aren't about to collapse. I voted for you too :D

    Robyn: Thanks!

    Vapid Vixen: Great minds, eh? Oh and thanks for the award! And the votes!

  11. OK, uh, no I don't spin. First of all, I'm not even close to being fit enough to keep up with you 'spinners'. Secondly, most of my life is about spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. So, I'm not going to join a class to just spin some more! :)

  12. Allie: So kind of you to call me a 'spinner'...i'm more of a 'spin survivor'! Good point though, there is something to be said for working up a sweat and not having much of anything to show for it.

  13. I just can't get into Spin class. I think it's the burning eyes of the instructor that scare me away.

  14. Glad you stopped by my blog. I really like your art and writing style. Looking forward to more.
    Definitely a follower.

  15. KT80: She says it all in such a friendly way that it's hard to hate her...but yeah, scary :P

    Pickleope: Thanks! i love your little pickleope drawings :)

  16. Spinning classes can be so much fun....when i first started spinning I thought I was going to die! Have fun outside and until the fall.....enjoy your legs! :)

  17. Whoa, so many forms of tortuous exercise here that I've never even heard of ... and the only Danger Zone I want to enter has Tom Cruise in it ...

  18. Thank-you for the compliment. And honesty about your struggles!

  19. Good Girl Gone Green: Yes I often hear that people love it...I'm still waiting but I do appreciate that it is a great workout!

    Red Nomad Oz: Cycle class is a little nuts. You probably have the right idea :)

    BluBabesCreate: You're welcome! Yes, I'm not the athletic type so this is all a challenge.

  20. Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

    I loved this post. The illustrations just put it over the edge of hilarious!

    I am definitely a new follower!

  21. Um so is it bad that I accidentally reach the danger zone like 10 times during my workout, and the machine will always beep at me to stop? (Not spinning class though. Just on the awkward step machine.) That's probably why I continue to sweat enough for everyone in the gym combined.
    Visiting via Monday Mingle!

  22. I'm so honored that you chose to join the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Thank you for adding this special masterpiece to rock my party :)

  23. Amber: Thanks so much! I like it over at Amberland too!

    Tricia: No pain no gain, right? Sweating at the gym? Who ever heard of such a thing?? ;) (in my completely non-medical opinion I declare you fine)

    SJ: Thanks for hosting again!


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