Sunday, July 3, 2011

Easy on the Rock, Heavy on the Roll

We started the run feeling FAB-you-LUSS!  TriGuy got quite a few shout-outs throughout the race with his shirt.

 I think *my* shirt was a bit trickier to call out:

The first part of the race zoomed by and I was hitting some of my best splits of all time (for those of you just *visiting* the running universe today, that means I was going fast).

 I will say that the bands were probably great, but they almost always seemed to be between songs or going on break just as we rolled up.

I managed to keep up pretty well with TriGuy until Mile 9 and then I really started to lag.

We were running through a tunnel and I was a little disoriented.  What mile were we on?

Would this tunnel EVER end??

TriGuy was never too far ahead and encouraged me to move up next to him when I wanted to shuffle.

 After what seemed like an inordinately long period of time, we finally we hit the home stretch.

I convinced TriGuy to really race to the finish on the final 0.1 miles!

I hit my watch at the finish line and said to TriGuy triumphantly:

UPCOMING POSTS:  SPINNING AND BIKING.  There's just so much to talk about.


  1. Awesome job! I think racing through a tunnel would make me all claustrophobic and nervous (and a little crazy because if they are like the tunnels in Pittsburgh, they go on FOREVER).

  2. The mile 13 sign is like heaven, isn't it?!

    Awesome job!

  3. Run through the tunnel (or wall, whatever you call it).
    I always love how the crowd calls out your gear as your name... I write Fort Frances (my home town) on my leg, and they always call me that. It makes me smile and give me the great boost I need.

    Thanks for dropping by all those months ago, I love reading your blog, and your drawings rock!

  4. I think the miles become a blur after the first few. I love that triguy paced u the whole time, so awesome. Also wasn't it a pretty tough course? I think your pr should count for double!

  5. WooHoo! (as a non-runner, I had to goolge 'PRed' -- Good Job!)
    **Love your shirt!!! :)

  6. runningonwords: Thanks! Yeah, it was probably not quite a mile but it was dark and humid in there the whole time.

    Kurt: Thank you! Yes it is the best! (aside from the food afterwards, of course)

    Meghan: Oh that's a good idea--I never thought of writing on myself :) I'm so glad we're bloggy friends too!

    MegO: Yeah he totally kept me out of my long-dstance shuffle that I fall into so easily. When we wove through the 2:30 pace pack I realized how slow that actually seems now! As for the course, I don't think it was all that challenging, and it was cool out :)

    KSK: Glad you googled it :P Yeah, it's a great shirt; helps motivate me.

  7. Way to go! I love reading your posts and I love your drawings even more :)

    Congrats on a great race!

  8. jennie: Thank you!

    Erika: Thanks! I'm so glad you like :)

    Toesthattwinkle: Thanks and thanks!

  9. Your tshirt slogan is great. I only tend to run for 3 mles or so as my left knee got mashed plaing soccer. I'll be following as I want to see your take on spinning.

  10. I love your t-shirt! That is so cool.
    Thank you for explaining the splints. I thought you got a shin splint and was wondering why/how that would be great.
    What is PRed?
    Sounds like a fun race.

  11. I WANT your t-shirt!!! That is awesome! :)

    Also, congrats on the PR!

    I ran the full course last year, and I was SO jealous of everybody running the half marathon. I have yet to do a half marathon this year, but it's coming up soon.

  12. OK, I'll show my ignorance - won't be the first time. What is "PRED" in your last cartoon?

    Nice job, by the way.


  13. Tony: Yeah I like it too :) Bummer about the knee. I have done a couple of spin posts but there is a new one in the works; happy to have you following!

    Bernie: The splits are basically how fast you run each mile...splitting your time by mile (or km if you're in the rest of the world). It took me quite some time to figure out what the heck people were talking about!

    Lindsay: Thanks! I bought the shirt at the Seattle Marathon expo; i think it's made by One More Mile. They have great running shirts. I have yet to do a full marathon...ever!

    Allie: Thanks :)

    Bernie and Allie: PR stands for Personal Record; i.e. my fastest half marathon...which stands to reason since it was only my third :P

  14. Yeah! Love it and so glad you did great and had a fun time. (how did I miss this post the first time around!?!). Anyways, can't wait to see more. You are too funny, and actually make running marathons/tris sound fun! hhaha. Thanks for linking up with the blog hop this weekend, really glad you did. And you are a sweetheart for tweeting about it too. Hope you are having a great one!

    1. Yeah! Love it and so glad you did great and had a fun time. (how did I miss this post the first time Surfing Movies

  15. CONGRATS!! You are too clever..

    Sooo I am thinking that I would love love it if you would make one of your drawings for me and my sister for her first 13.1..

    Can I hire you??

  16. Texa: Thanks!! You know I love your hop! And your site in general!

    Mel: Thank you! You *can* hire me! I'll shoot you an email...btw, there's a little drawing of you in the previous post :P

  17. I love the art and your shirt!

    Was it the Cleveland Rock and Roll Marathon/Mini?

    Excited to follow your blog as a fellow race runner:)

  18. I'm having great difficulty with commenting today - technical gremlins telling me - 'service not available' so if you get this it'll be a miracle!

    You rule for this accomplishment - I could never do this. And those cartoons were brilliant!

    PLEASE consider linking this up at my weekly creative blog hop too -

    Shah- Following from the blog hop X

  19. The Expatriate: Thanks! It was the Seattle; I ran the half. Always fun to meet fellow runners (and ex-pats!)

    Shah: It worked! Thank you for saying that! I'm always up for a good hop so I'll check it out--thanks for the invite!

  20. Wow, great job! I really enjoyed reading you blog and your illustrations are hilarious!

  21. Oh man! these drawings made me smile! I love them!

    Congratulations on your accomplishment.

  22. Ha! Great great! LOVE your T-shirt! Sounds like a great run-maybe the bands helped you run faster!

  23. kate: Thanks so much :)

    Remy: Thanks--always happy to make someone smile :)

    Robyn: Yes it was a great run! The t-shirt is great, isn't it?

  24. okay, I'm so not a runner or anything...but I think I love you-in a total non creepy stalker're drawings have sucked me in...

  25. Not a Perfect Mom: I like your name...cause i'm not a perfect athlete :) Thanks for the non creepy stalker comment :D

  26. I love the pictures on your blog. It's so fun. And that's amazing that you're able to run like that! I run everyday and I would love to participate in something like that someday.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  27. LOL that's an awesome shirt caption!
    Your story is very inspiring - I'm trying (sort of) to start running regularly, so hopefully I can do races like that one day :)

  28. LOOOVE your shirt. Where did you find it?

    Great blog post. Made me smile this morning. :)

  29. Chelsea Elizabeth: Thanks! Keep running and you'll get there...i found that cross-training helped a lot with building my strength and stamina too :)

    Lozzz123: Aww, thanks! Same thing I said to Chelsea Elizabeth--keep running and make sure you cross-train. It keeps you from burning out or getting an injury :)

    Hannah: I got the shirt at a pre-run expo, but i think the name of the company is 'one more mile'. I'm sure they have a website. They have lots of fun shirts (e.g. "I thought they said 'rum'!")

  30. bahahaha! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! come train me to do this! haha =)

  31. Ahhhh, the never ending tunnel! Mile 42, that cracked me up! It certainly seemed to drag on forever!!!

    Great job BTW!!

    Good luck with your upcoming tri!! I cant wait to hear how it goes!!

  32. Jenn: Thanks! On my way ;)

    ShanimalsCrackers: Thank you. I love it too :D

    Amanda: Yeah that tunnel was a lot longer when you had to run through it than bike through, like the Danskin tri).

    And thanks! I'm sure I'll whip up a post about this weekend's tri.

    1. Ahhhh, the never ending tunnel! Mile 42, that cracked me up! It certainly seemed to drag on forever!!! Surf Movies

  33. A new PB, so will we be seeing you in London 2012 then? You made me laugh and I just adore the way you use your drawings to compliment your post.

  34. Oooh, Ryan you are so drole! My PB would go best with jam in London. People finish whole marathons in less time than it takes me to run the half :) But progress is progress! And I always love it when I can make people laugh so thanks for the comment!

  35. Okay, the vote is in! I love this blog of yours. Good luck!!!

  36. Vapid Vixen: Cool! Thanks and good luck to you too!

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