Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Danskin Part 1: How to Lose Races and Alienate Swimmers

After several months of *training* (i.e. learning to stay on the bike, running one 5k with a lightning speed 13+ minute mile, and swimming the occasional lap of breast stroke), race weekend had finally arrived.  The whole group of us went to pick up our race packets and get marked for the big day!  It was so exciting!

After getting our packets it was  time to rack our bikes.   We got a chance to check out the course as well.  We went to the water to see the buoys that marked our swim.

My expression immediately went from


My trusty friend and unofficial bike coach Patty reassured me:  "It's not far.  It will be fine!  And there will be lifeguards out too!"

I tried to believe her and went home, pushing the impending thoughts of doom the swim as far out of my mind as possible.

The next day we headed out early in the morning, and I was full of vim and vigour!  (Ignorance really *is* bliss).  I stripped down to my swimsuit and met my race buddies!  I looked around and sneered derisively at all the silly girls who had wasted their money on fancy wetsuits.  When it was finally our time to start, we went and stood ankle deep in the frigid water (I'm pretty sure they flew in an Arctic glacier to feed the lake).  Dave managed to snap a picture as my feet were going numb:



  1. ahhh you're leaving me on the edge of my seat!! I want to know how it went. PS- great job on the run today! that is awesome, regardless of what you think. What kind of dog do you have? My dog would NEVER let me run even 1/4 mile with him. He's much too spazzy. Will we ever get to see the real pic?

  2. I'm working on it as we speak! Thanks for the props on the run--I'm coming off a hurt foot so I have to do it slowly :( My dog is a lab retriever so she really likes to run.

    The real picture is actually pretty dark so it's not as interesting as you might think :)

  3. Cute pictures! Omg a swim race...I can't even swim! So I'm scared for you! Thanks for the comment from mingle monday! Happy Blogging!

  4. Hi Diva,

    Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the pictures. Swimming is not really my strength either :)

  5. You amaze me for even THINKING about doing these things. Seriously, can you pass some of that determination and discipline my way? Because I even resent having to walk up and down the stairs every day. Ugh.

  6. Thanks Andrea! I would say that having the right training partner made all the difference! (I would not have kept myself motivated to be this crazy).

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