Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hey, L.A.

Hey, L.A.? We need to talk.

Is it just me, or is L.A. kind of a, well, strange place? I mean don't get me wrong, it's very cool. Just maybe a bit odd.

I've been here for only one month so I really can't make a solid judgment yet, but I do have some observations. Here are the cool things I've been enjoying so far:

1. Looking at the sandy beach!

2. Palm trees EVERYwhere!

Now let's move on to the strange:

1. The grocery store checkout.

I was checking out from the grocery store, about to slide my credit card through the reader when this lady comes screaming up behind me, squeezing her poor bouquet of flowers to within an inch of its life:

The cashier told her she would have to wait since we were literally in the middle of the transaction, and directed her to the self-checkout right next to us. This only made her more frazzled:

She panic-ran over there anyway where the drama continued:

A variety of people, including my cashier, went over to help her.

With her crisis averted, she ran out of the store, shouting her gratitude as she went.

I still made it out of the parking lot before she did.

2. The crossing signal button.

I was walking through the neighbourhood and hit the crosswalk button, then waited for the light to change.

I watched as a lady hustled across the street and made a beeline to the same button. She then proceeded to punch it no less than TEN TIMES.

She continued:

"All my friends and family ask me why do you have to do that? But I tell them I can't help it I just have-to-hit-the-button! I'm addicted! Some people are addicted to alcohol or heroin, but me? I'm just addicted to one thing: these buttons!"

The light changed and she walked away with one last word:


Soooo, yeah. At this point I clearly have a lot to learn about the L.A. way.

1. Do you have advice about living here? (GiGi, I just might be talking to you!)
2. What do you think about L.A.?

I'm thinking of starting a separate blog all about my L.A. observations, including selfie sticks and rain behaviour. I'll let y'all know! It's a bit of a culture shock here :)


  1. I don't think hyper narcissists or mildly quirky people are LA specific. It's just a massive, sprawling city and so you're going to get more of that element. I noticed a lot more "eccentric" people when I moved to Houston, Texas, simply because there's 4 million people there. The odds of bumping into a noticeable weird-o is more likely and that's going to stick out in your memory more than the other thousands of well-adjusted people you probably also bumped into but weren't worth noting.
    My advice is to join a Meet Up group (I think the app is called Meetup), there are bound to be some friendly fitness-folks you can join with. There's also an app I heard about called 5 Every Day that shows you five cool things happening in LA every day. For comedy, you should check out the Nerdmelt Theater and the two UCB theater locations (if you're into comedy). And if you like movies, I'd look up and into joining Cinefamily.

    1. Interesting. It makes sense. I'm not used to being out on foot so much either so I might not have noticed the odd people for that reason too.
      I have joined a couple of meet up groups (good advice) but I have a hard time biting the bullet and actually going to meet new people. I will definitely look up the other stuff you recommended and am going to check out 5 Every Day right now! Thanks Pickleope!

  2. I don't think I would ever live there. . . . so I'm no help at all. Good luck though, and thanks for keeping up your TriGirl blog!

    1. Fair enough! Truthfully, I never thought I would live here either!

  3. LOL on the last one! Seriously? Although I guess there are more destructive addictions .....


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