Sunday, May 31, 2015

Riding Like a "Real" Triathlete. Sorta.

For years, my biking skills have been limited to the following:

Number 1:

Number 2:

This being the year of my Olympic! Distance! Triathlon!(!) I decided to get serious about my biking.

I started by working on my handling skills. It really only took two parking lot sessions to get comfortable with figure eights and riding with one my right hand.

And then I decided to get my original road bike out of the attic. The one that I thought was too big.


I took her out and worked on drinking while riding.

But I had one big thing left to tackle.

That you "clip into". So, how are they clipLESS?

On my first every clipped in ride so far,  it has taken me a good mile to get my left foot secured.  But clipping in is so much easier than clipping out. That may or may not have to do with the fact that my instinct is to clip out first on one side, but my instinct is also to put down my other foot when I stop.

And I fall. Usually ending up with a bruised keister.  And ego.

One day I got a helpful tip:

I have fallen 4 more times.

So I will keep practicing and hope that I will be race ready in 6 weeks. For the race I haven't signed up for yet.

In the meantime, if anyone can explain the clip/clipless pedal deal, I will be eternally grateful!

*I know I said I would try out some of your tips on my post about being exhausted but well, I haven't had the energy to do it yet. 



  1. Ha, I can answer this!! Because your pedals don't have toe clips/cages! Yes, you still clip-in, but it's a locking mechanism rather than something you just tighten down.

    1. AhA!! Thank you Lindsay! It's been driving me so crazy. You are definitely a cycling pro these days :D

  2. I took the plunge into the "clipless" pedals last year. I"m still that cyclist who kicks out about 1/4 mile from the stop!

  3. I unclip both feet every time, yeah it doesn't look very pro, but it's been a while since we've had a "Timber" moment :)
    By the way, did my first Olympic distance this weekend - turns out it's a really nice distance :) You should do it :)

    1. I worry about losing my balance. Do you unclip but keep your feet on the pedals?
      Congrats on your race! I really am planning to do this--I just want to give myself a couple more weeks of training before I sign up :)

    2. Sometimes I keep my feet on the pedals and sometimes they just dangle in space until my bike decides which way to tip LOL :)
      Sign up, you're much fitter than me :D

  4. I'm ok with the clipless pedals now but I've given up on the drinking and got a hydration pack. I am still afraid of sudden stops though.

    1. I think sudden stops will always scare me. I should probably practice them.

  5. It gets easier over time…maybe loosen up the tension a bit as they shouldn't be THAT difficult to get out of! I even have them on my mountain bike and wouldn't ride any other way! (Hated those old cages and straps!) Cheryl

    1. Thanks Cheryl! They're as loose as the can get. I'm just weak on my left side :P

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