Saturday, March 31, 2012

11 Pictures for 11 Things

Disclaimer:  there is a section in here about Anta-Say Aus-Clay being ot-nay eal-ray...if your children (or you) are not ready for that, please skip that part!

I was tagged by the lovely Megan at On the Road Again.  She had a baby practically yesterday and has already run a 5k since then.  I would say that running is in her blood.

Here is what must be done for this post.

Rule 1:  You must never talk about 11 Things...thank you, and good night!  Ok, no.  Rule 1 is that you must post the rules.  So, here are (the rest of) the rules.
Rule 2:  Answer the questions provided by the tagger, then create 11 new questions.
Rule 3:  Tag and link 11 new people (is there anyone left on the internet who has not done this??)
Rule 4:  Let the people you tagged know you tagged them.  Yeah.

1. Marry/Kiss/Kill (from 90s sitcoms):  
Marry:  Berg from Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (click on the name, you'll thank me for it).
Kiss: Joey from Friends, because:

Kill:  Sondra from the Cosby Show.  What was up with her??  She was soooo annoying.

2.  You have one day to eat whatever you want with no caloric or weight penalty.  What do you chomp on?  This is seriously the hardest question to answer.  I'll go with grilled cheese, homemade pasta, chocolate-covered pretzels, and ice cream...I'll stop there.

3.  What's one thing that makes you smile no matter how angry or sad you are?  Great music I can sing along to.

Or, you know, the occasional 90s female rap song.

4.  Name a guilty pleasure TV show.  I told you guys this one before,

(hello, Jersey Shore) but my other show is American Idol.  Up until last season I never missed an episode.  Maybe it's because I used to sing a little on stage, but mostly it's because I love all the crazy auditions, from the joy of the golden tickets to absolutely clueless disasters.

5.  A time traveling machine will take you back to any decade you want.  Which do you choose & why?  The 70s.  At my current age, not as the small child I was back then.  Awesome fashion and no wars...oh wait.  Still, the fashion rocked.  If only we hadn't ridiculed my mom into swapping her 70s gear for hip, cool 80s wear.

That pink flower is a little allusion to some upcoming news.

6.  What fitness activity do you absolutely loath?  I ABSolutely hate working abs.

It might have something to do with my technique; I'm not ruling that out.

7. Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean:  Does it really work?  Alyssa Milano seems to think so (and she was Tony Micelli's daughter), and that damn infomercial is so convincing.  Isn't this Jessica Simpson's hairdresser? (Don't ask me how I know that, but thank you Megan for sending me into a 10 minute vortex of hair info on that site).  Also, it just seems like a lot of work.

8.  Pancakes or waffles?

Anyone notice a theme with me and delicious food?

9.  If you were to get stuck in a hot air balloon with someone for 17 hours, who would that person be, and how would you pass the time? Someone with a strong neck,

because those things are a wind gust away from a plunging death.  So, I would pass the time begging to find our way back to terra firma, while trying not to faint...which would of course lead to that plunging death I just mentioned.

10.  At what age did you find out that Santa was not real? 

 How did you react?

Actually, I'm not of the Christmas-celebrating persuasion, so I found out early.  And kept it a secret from my friends for a really long time.  Like, a really long time.

11.  What's you favourite thing about Fridays?  That I can sleep in the next day!!

Now to tag 11 people to answer the following 11 questions (it seems like an even 5 would be an easier number, but rules are rules).

Adrian at Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls
Gillian at Craftzilla Conquers the World
Kristin at And She Ran
Ginga Ninja at Vapid Vixen
Ali at Running w/ Spatulas
Jennie at Well Shut the Front Door
The Sarcasm Goddess at For the Love of Writing
Pish Posh
Ricole Runs

The 11 questions:
1.  What was the biggest surprise you ever received?

2.  What is your favourite thing

3.  What is your hidden talent?

4.  Beer, wine, or tea totaller?

5.  Do you have a tattoo?  What is it?  And where is it?

6.  How does Donald Trump make his hair stay that way?

7.  What is your favourite foreign accent?

8.  Can you drive stick?

9.  What's your stand on male facial hair?

10.  What is your favourite toy from your childhood?

11.  What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Anyone else want to answer these questions?  Feel free to do the post, or I would love for you to leave your answers in a comment!


I'm linking up with the Not Mommy Blog Hop this weekend. If you have a blog that is not a mommy blog, head on over!


  1. Jersey Shore.

    Really? Really? :|

  2. this is too funny! and yes-i thank you for th elink to hot photos of Ryan!

  3. i hope that your pink allusion means what I think it does! I would totally do the same thing in a hot air balloon. There's nothing romantic about those things, they're death traps waiting to happen. Oh and thanks for ruining santa for me..just kidding :)

  4. This made me laugh! Can I please come to your no-consequences meal? Yummy.

  5. Thank you! I am honored. I'm actually excited to answer these. Though I'm tempted to do it on April Fool's day. But I dislike April Foolishness.
    The hot air balloon picture made me giggle. And dude, what the heck? I am fluent in Pig Latin and I talked to Santa just last week! Huh, maybe he actually was a Hell's Angel, and not Santa on vacation. That explains the black eye I have.

  6. Hahahah I love how your disclaimer is about santa claus, and mine is warning people about the excessive use of see-you-next-tuesdays in a post.


  7. I haven't watched American Idol in years, been too long on the air

  8. You are so amazing! I lovvveeee this set I photos, worth the wait! :-) thanks for tagging me! I don't remember how I found out Santa wasn't real? I think it was a gradual discovery.

  9. Yay! Reading this was all the more entertaining w/ the illustrations. And what is this "pink flower" allusion business? I'm very intrigued and will now be a creepy stalker to find out!

  10. Bahaha!! You in the hot air balloon may be my favourite drawing of yours, ever but THEN you did a close up of your face and I nearly died.

    Also, I did a small skit with some friends to "Shoop" in 7th grade. I don't think our teacher was aware of the content until we were performing and it was too late. Haha!!

    Thanks for the tag! :)

  11. DWei: Yes. Jersey Shore. It is a *guilty* pleasure :)

    Robyn: Thanks! And you are very welcome.

    MegO: It does! And why, why, why would you go in a hot air balloon?? Insane, right? So glad we're on the same page about this :)

    gin: Absolutely! The more, the merrier!

    Pickleope: I cannot wait! I'm guessing you did not alk-tay o-tay Anta-Say in ig-Pay Atin-Lay...he probably punched you to keep from blowing his cover, dude!

    Gia: Well, we gotta protect our readers, right? And, I know you watch the Jersey's ok.

    Adam: Yes, it has definitely lost its lustre, but there are also some amazing singers on the show now.

    Ricole: Thanks! Looking forward to meeting soon!

    Megan: Thanks again for the tag! The pink thing is the same as MegO's. But, I'm going to post about it on its own :)

    jennie: You're welcome! A "Shoop" skit??? That is awesome! Did you film it? And if so, can you upload it to youtube??

  12. Wow; go you for keeping the Santa secret for so long. I feel like I'd have been the person to spoil the fun!

  13. My only guess for the pink flower is HAWAII?!?!?! and I hope that's it b/c I want to go back so bad.

    thanks for tagging me - I NEVER do these, but I think I may do yours just b/c I love you.....give me some time ;)

    Loved reading these. The pics were GREAT and I seriously want to meet the cartoon version of you and sometimes dream about it like we're in "Cool World" lol

  14. Ada: Well, it was no skin off my back :)

    Ali: Not Hawaii, but you're the second person to say that. I guess I didn't really think about how much the flower looks like a plumeria. It's more the colour that's the hint (because I don't wear pink). That would be awesome if you did the post! No pressure though. Now I have to google Cool World because I only have the vaguest recollection of what it is :)

    Nat: Yes he is! Forget what you read--I was just being silly! He is totally, 100% real. You must have missed my Pig Latin disclaimer ;)

  15. Ha! I love your drawings SO much! Thank you for the tag!!

    Jersey shore AND Idol. You are just a masochist!! :)

  16. Thanks so much for the tag! Your drawings are the blog diggity!

  17. Pish Posh: Thanks!! And you're welcome :) They are fantastic shows--really look at the human spirit. In a scripted, completely sensationalized kind of way :)

    The Sarcasm Goddess: No problem! Thanks, blog diggity, eh? I like it :)

  18. Ha! Today's drawings are brilliant! Especially the 70's dude. Fabulous, I love it!

  19. Berg was the only reason I watched that show.

    And really?? Straight up, wait up, hold up Mr. Lover. Like Prince said, you're a sexy mutha...

    I'm a little ashamed I know that entire song.

    Thanks for the tag. :) I suppose this means I'll have to do an actual post.

  20. WTF THERE IS NO SANTA CL -- ohhhh, that's what a "disclaimer" is. Also, no comment on the Jersey Shore ;-)

  21. Susi: Thanks! That dude is supposed to be 70s me ;)

    Vapid Vixen: Yes, he was the only reason to watch...dumbest/longest name for a show ever. And hey, you cannot ignore the greatness of Salt n Pepa so don't even try. Please post! I'd love to see your answers!

    Dr. C: No comment needed :) Glad you read the disclaimer!

  22. I laughed the entire way through this post! I love these drawings and your answers, especially to the 90s sitcoms! And the fact that you loved Two Guys, A Girl... ME TOO!!! Was one of my favorites!

    It took me a minute but I figured out the pink flower - my mind took off in a completely different direction for a second but I reeled it back in .
    3 1/2 weeks and counting until I'm a Seattle resident!!

  23. Erika: Yeah, so I totally messed up that question, since I was supposed to use the names Megan gave...oh well. Funny how many people actually know that show!

    Do you need something pink too? 3 1/2 weeks! Sweet!!!

  24. Your blog is absolutely adorable! This was such a cute post. Love the artwork. :D

  25. Super Earthling: Thanks so much!

  26. I honestly cannot tell if those images are HDR photos or exquisitely painted works of art!

  27. Geojour: You're too kind :) Just a computerized version of finger painting.

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