Saturday, November 12, 2011

May I Present: "A Drawing for a Drawing" Drawings!

Hey y'all!  The swim post is still in progress, but I thought I would post the pictures I did for the giveaway!

Here's Dwija from House Unseen. Life Unscripted.

Her posts are a mixture of funny and serious, but always sweet.  

And here's Emma from Little Gothic Horrors.

Emma has a site celebrating all things macabre, but really takes the light edge of the dark side.  She also has an Etsy shop and makes cute little monster dolls!

What's that, you say?  You thought she won a shirt?  Yes. She did.  But then I discovered she lives in Australia.  I found out how much it would cost to send her her prize and, as she put it, my "teeth fell out!"  So I begged her forgiveness (she was sweet enough to say she didn't need any prize) and I insisted she let me draw her picture. I wish I could back-pedal that well on my bike.  Anyway, she said "yes" so all's well that ends well.  Lesson learned on giveaways.

And here is the first "Drawing for a Drawing" that I did for Bernie at One Mixed Bag back in May, when she won my 100 followers giveaway.

She writes whatever comes to mind, but it is always funny!  Want to know why she's holding a kitchen sink?  Check this out!

I had so much fun drawing these pictures!

*Ok, just one more thing, and it's a little completely awkward to bring up.  I draw because I love it, but they say you should work at what you love.  So...on occasion I've been hired to draw.  And on those occasions people have paid me.  I've also talked swaps with others, so if you want to hire me, please let me know.*

Aaaand, awkwardness done. Phew. I'm hoping to have the swim post up tomorrow or early in the week. (If we're lucky it will snow Sunday night and I won't have to go in to work on Monday!)

I'm trying a new hop this week, linking up with The Blog Entourage.  check out their cool buttons!

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Love 'em! Care to hop with me?


  1. Haha! Well, as with most dramas, it makes a great anecdote! I love my drawing very much so - assuming you've been able to successfully reinsert your teeth - there's definitely a happy ending to this tale!

    Many, many thanks!!!

  2. These are great! They've got me thinking, too. How's about you wearing a tiara while competing? People'd be like, "whaaaaa?" and -BAM - you'd fly right by them. Haha!

  3. I absolutely love your drawings!! And need to order one of your shirts as a gift to myself :)

  4. I love my pictures. Heck my one is my "About Me" page. I'm biased.

    Love the two new ones you made. Its fun to see you do a picture in black. The needle reminds me of someone with a voo-doo doll. *lol* Dweej looks fab of course.

  5. omgosh i love them -- lucky winners!
    your drawings are such a huge part of what makes your blog so fantastical!!! keep it doing what you love because i love it right back!

  6. LGH: I have to tell you that I really enjoyed drawing your picture, and I wear my retainers at night so my teeth are solid ;)

    jennie: Ha! I could use an edge, so I need to keep that in mind!

    Erika: Thanks :D There are lots of things for sale now, if you don't want a shirt. The newest products are magnets, binders and travel mugs! (I love making products) So excited to meet you soon!

    Bernie: It's good to flex my drawing muscle and draw things that are different from TriGirl but still maintain my style, so it's been fun!

    Cyn: Thank you! I don't think I've said this but I love the goddesses in your header :D

  7. Those drawing are so awesome! Lol! Well, I was stopping by to say thank you for joining the hop at The Blog Entourage this weekend!:) You are welcome to join The Blog Entourage on Facebook as well. It's a place for bloggers to share links to their posts.:)

  8. Christina: Thanks! Will do :) I actually tried adding your button but Blogger wouldn't accept it.

  9. Congrats to the winners! I will only secretly harbor resentment and jealousy.

  10. I HEART my portrait, Julie! The way you can capture people's spirits even with just the heaviness of a line is really incredible. Talent, lady!

  11. Pickleope: That really is very magnanimous of you. I believe, though, that a combination Pickleope/TriGirl drawing would make the internet explode.

    Dwija: Aww, thank you. See? you're sweet, like I said :) I'm really glad you're happy with the picture.

    Ryan: Thanks!

  12. Congrats to the winners. I shall check out the blogs from the people who winneth this astounding contest.

  13. Hi Tonya the Hobo Girl,

    I tried to check out your blog as well, but the address keeps redirecting to something called "Web Ring". Don't know if you'll read this, but I wanted to try and let you know, in case you weren't aware.

  14. Tonya: Funny you brought that up. I clicked through to LGH and had no problems, but, every time I go to your site I get redirected to Web Ring too! I reload your page and it always works the second time. I wonder what that's all about.

  15. Oh, geez. I just realized that *Emma* wrote that *to* Tonya. Sorry ladies. Must be the half a glass of wine. Or the muscle relaxant.

  16. Haha! Wine and muscle relaxants... good times! I just noticed that Tonya had come to my blog from yours, and when I couldn't get on to her blog because of the redirection issue, I figured this was the only way to let her know. Sorry for the confusion. Anyway, I hope she reads this if she's not aware of the problem!

  17. Love the drawings! Congrats to the winners! I'm off to check out their blogs!! :)

  18. LGH: No worries, I should have just read more carefully :)

    KSK: Thanks! Yes, they are great blogs!

  19. Those are sooo good! You really are talented. I love Dwija's, too cute. And man, that WAS awkward, haha. You are too funny. Hope you are having a good start to the week!

  20. You continue to amaze me with your MS Paint ninja skills. That picture of Dwija looks just like her!

  21. Texa: Thank you, ma'am. Yes, totally awkward right? But better I put it out there than have an awkward (gasp) face to face conversation! Also, welcome back :)

    Ixy: Thanks!! I love adding the little personal details.

  22. I can't draw to save my life. Love your pictures!

  23. These are adorable! I like the one with the wine glass best...I relate.

  24. Jessica: Thank you! So glad you came by :)

    Gia: Thanks! That's Dwija-she's great! (So is wine.)

  25. Where can I get my wife the see-through princess gown? You know, for Halloween. Um, next Halloween.

  26. When you commented on my blog, you assured me you were a bearded Eastern European lady, out to take the moustache world by storm.

    Initially I was disappointed. But then it turns out you are the keeper of an awesome blog with an uncanny ability to create masterpieces using the medium of MSPaint.

    I will let the facial hair slide for now...for now.

  27. Always Home and Uncool: Great question. You might just have to draw it onto her body, as I did here :)

    Cranface: I do believe I never said *bearded*. I believe I only said *moustached*. Big difference. Big. Huge. But luckily you found something worthwhile enough to merit sticking around for :D


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