Sunday, October 9, 2011

Taking a Dip... go for a run.

*First, a little back story.  

In August I was put on a combo of Levaquin and Prednisone for swelling in my ear.  This is supposed to be a fun blog so I'm not going to have a whole diatribe on this but, listen up:  If you are an athlete, especially a runner, READ UP on Levaquin before you take it.  Its' side effects include tendon damage.  The occurrence is rare but increased when paired with Prednisone, and I am a rare breed so I hit the jackpot on this.

Phew.  Now that we're done with that, let's get on with the funny!

Since I got the red light on running from my doctor, I needed some safe form of exercise.  So I texted my physiotherapist.

She was quick to come back with a great idea:

Say what now?

If any of you are thinking of little old ladies splashing around with floatie belts in the deep end, let me just stop you right there.  Because you'd be exactly right.  (If you follow SUAR you will be familiar with her special term for that class. And if you're not following her, why not??)

I wanted to be a good patient, but I had just started my visit in the Great White North, so did not have access to my lovely pool.  What's a girl to do? Improvise, of course!

I had a beautiful lake at my disposal, so I threw on a life jacket (for buoyancy purposes) and jumped gingerly walked into the water. (Lake water is cold and I'm a super-sissy.)

Turns out the life jacket wasn't quite my size.

The next day I found a smaller one.

Midriff-baring vests, the new trend in aquatic safety!

Once again, I braved the elements and did the jog.  It took about half an hour to go maybe 30 feet.  Total.  (In my defense, there was a current...both ways. )

I got lots of support from my family, both on the dock,

and in the water.

That's TriGuy and SwimmerNephew.  They really do love me.

Once I got back to the U.S. of A, it was time to head back to the pool.  I picked out an aqua belt from the shelf, and because I have the body of an eight year old girl boy it promptly fell to the floor.

I then found a slightly smaller belt, yanked the rope as tight as it would go, and wrapped it around myself twice.

I swam in circles in the deep end for 10 minutes straight!  (I'm starting to think my physiotherapist just wants to see good blog content).

I wish I could say:

But I would be lying.

Hey guys, it looks like I'm almost at 200 followers, which means a GIVEAWAY is coming up!



  1. Sorry for your tendon trouble. That stinks. Why aqua-jogging and not just swimming? Love the drawings as always.
    Congrats on the 200! Well deserved. But once you get over 200, I'll have to stop following and say "You changed when you got popular." No, I won't do that...maybe...nah.

  2. "You look like an old laaady!" had me cracking up. That's totally the kind of support system I have from my sisters. Gotta love it.

  3. But you did look like an old lady! :)

  4. Pickleope: Thanks, yeah it's really kinda crappy but I am getting better. Swimming was actually hurting my calves...but I should be able to get back to it soon. I think when I hit 200 I'll start wearing a feather boa...and put glitter in my hair. And you'll still want to be my friend.

    VV: Isn't family wonderful? :D

    GymSis Or SwimBro: Yes, I did.

  5. Ha, I was told to try aqua jogging and it just confused me. Do I need a floatie belt? That really sucks about the tendon damage. My family care is actually also a sports medicine doctor and runner so he always thinks to warn about things like that thankfully.

  6. When I was hurt, I was told to do Aqua-jogging (non-impact for my injury). IT SUCKED! But it works. It kept my cardio up, and I went back to running with a whole new appreciation. Here's to a speedy recovery!

  7. Totally hilarious. As always. Sorry to hear about the bad mix of meds, though. Yikes!

  8. I love supportive families! :)

    *Congrats on almost 200!!! :)

  9. oh my family and ryan would be the same way. Oh wait. they ARE the same way, as evidenced by my post from tonight where ryan told me i looked like i was running with a peg leg. Ever feel like we're just here for their comical enjoyment? As in, 'oh hey, you're a spazz, i'm sure you'll trip/fall/be terrible at something and i'll just laugh'. I've tried aqua jogging once and felt like a nerd. Hopefully it gets easier for you :( I know it's frustrating

  10. runningonwords: Yes, you need the floatie belt :) I went to the walk-in clinic at my doctor's office and didn't see my actual doctor. When I called her about my concerns she was all over it so I know I really need to just see her.

    Meghan: I am trying to find the best time to go to the pool so there is room for me to 'jog'. It tends to be crowded and I also feel like a dweeb doing it. But it's good to know it works!

    Lora: Thanks! Yeah, I will be investigating my meds more carefully from now on.

    KSK: Yup, they're the best (the really are!)

    MegO: I think you are 100% correct! Yeah, I feel like a nerd aqua jogging too :)

  11. I die every time I read your posts. Honestly. I'm glad you found another way to exercise! There's no way I would aqua jog in a cold lake. You are a brave soul!

  12. I have no idea how SUAR did aqua jogging as much as she did. That takes serious dedication. I would drown for sure! That is super scary about the meds you were on! It is amazing what a little pill can do to your body! You just never know! Thank goodness it wasn't something more serious!!!!

  13. Hahaha at my pool we call you old farts Water Walkers ;)

    Funny story about one of them: he was a 97yr old priest who had 3 hip replacements. He walked with TWO canes. To this day I am amazed I wasn't the lifeguard on duty when he died in the pool. He came faithfully for a full year. Thanks, Jesus for not making me be party to the death of a priest.

  14. Christina: You'd be surprised at how quickly you warm up in the lake doing all that cardio!

    skippinginseattle: I know right? I'd say she's a saint but, well, she's SUAR :D But she is pretty amazing. And thanks, I'm thankful things seem to be getting better.

    Yvonne: What. The. Heck?? Well, I guess he died doing something he enjoyed...

  15. Wow, how scary! But glad everything is ok. I can only imagine seeing you treading around. love it! Have fun with all those hip 80 year olds ;)

  16. Haha! Sounds like preparing for the exercise was enough!! But I'm sure 80 year olds who can actually make it to the pool are underrated ...

  17. hahaha love your blog - thanks for stopping by mine from FTLOB. The sketches are hysterical and I'm guessing you're pretty much a pro at MS Paint these days. Can't wait to read more

  18. Texa: Thanks. i wish I could go to class with the 80 year olds but I think they work out in the middle of the day. So I have to jog in the evening in the middle of the pool.

    Red: No kidding! And good point :D

  19. Another awesome post as per usual :D I love this blog always makes me laugh!

  20. As always, LOVE your drawings! I have never really tried aqua jogging but it seems deceptively tough actually! I did do water aerobics while pregnant - me at the 80 year old ladies...but hey, it was fun!

    PS I need to talk Seattle with you!

  21. Wow! Now that is what I call persistence and dedication! Way to power through an injury!

  22. Ali Mc: Thank you! So nice to hear :)

    Erika: Thank you! Yes, I'm told that if I do it right I will get a serious workout :) Do you want to send me an email (or tweet?)

    Lindsay: You say persistence, others say delusion ;)

  23. I love this post. The illustrations are awesome. You've basically summed up my entire collection of fears when it comes to taking some kind of water aerobics class.

  24. I love your drawings. I think they are amazing!
    New follower from your guest post over at Dat's so cute.

  25. Okay, that's just hilarious. Now I'm tempted to take up aqua jogging just to see what'll happen!

  26. Megan@On the Road Again: Thanks! Hehe, I don't know if it's good or bad that I've summed up all your fears for you!

    Victoria: Thank you! Glad you came over!

    Megan (Best of Fates): Oh yes, I think you should :D

  27. i heard that even Deana Kastor used aqua jogging to come back super fast :) so it sounds to me like you are a pro!

  28. Amanda: Good to know! I'll tell myself that next time i'm hiking the belt down from my armpits :D


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