Sunday, October 16, 2011

PT Stands for "Pathetically Tri-ing"

Since I got this lovely injury, I started back up with my physiotherapist Jenna, or physical therapist for all you Amurricans out there; PT for short.  Many of you have already met her through my first spin post.

We spent our first few sessions with heat, high-tech electrocution e-stim, ultrasound and deep tissue massage.

I was sent home with some gentle stretches and once I was not hobbling too badly it was time to get to work!  We were going to focus on ankle and foot strength.  Enter the BOSU BALL.

If you're a child of the '80s like me (I'm totally not that old, right??), then you'll remember the Pogo Ball.

I never understood this "toy".  In my mind it was always a broken wrist, ankle, elbow, nose, coccyx and all ten phalanges waiting to happen (Phoebe: "Something is wrong with the left phalange"). 

This is precisely what I think of whenever I see the Bosu Ball, which is PRE-cisely why I've always ensured a 10 foot radius between it and me at the gym.

But I digress.

First, I got on the ball, round side down (with a little help of course) and was told to balance.

 Once Jenna finished laughing was satisfied with my attempt, she flipped the ball over and had me stand on one foot while lifting weights.

(I am now quite certain she just makes up these "exercises" to see them on the blog.)

Then, it was off to the treadmill.  If only I was allowed to turn it on.

Ever try walking on a non-ON treadmill? It's hard. Which was of course the point.

I did get to turn it on for the next exercise that involved walking sideways on a treadmill.  It may have caused a bit of motion sickness and it definitely caused a lot of klutziness.

After the treadmill it was back to the Bosu ball (Yippee!).  My mission--which I have no idea why I chose to accept--was to stand on one foot, bounce a ball against an angled trampoline and catch it.  She started me off easy with a low-weight medicine ball.

So then we switched to a good ol'-fashioned dodge ball and that worked better.  And next week I will learn to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!

Side note: *Some* of you may already know this but medicine balls, even if they're just 2 lbs, do no bounce off walls.  Even if you're in a very public place. Like the gym.



  1. Oh my god. Embrace the Bosu ball. It is my one true love!!
    I love how big the ball is compared to you in those photos ahaahaha

  2. "...stand on one foot, bounce a ball against an angled trampoline and catch it..."
    I had to do that one too!

  3. honestly that just sounds like a torture session to me. The bosu ball and I are NOT friends. That thing always has it coming for me. I give you major credit for doing all the exercises with little complaint. As far as walking on a non-on mill, I've done it for a second and even that wasn't fun or easy. Hopefully all this is working...if not, you can always try to make a comedy act out of it and charge gym goers.

  4. My cousins had a pogo ball but I lacked the balance to even stay on the thing. I could never get the hand of a pogo stick either.

    I've never had to do to PT but you make those exercises look fun!

  5. I'm so effing glad I've never broken bones and had to suffer physio... this just sounds like medically sanctioned torture.

    hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. oh... forgot to mention I'm from Comment Love Day... :D

    oh.. and the pogo ball thing.. I agree... I never had one ...I was accident prone as it was, I didn't need any help.

  7. Yvonne: I will soldier on (and curse you along with my PT from now on) :D

    TMT: Any helpful hints??

    MegO: I knew I could count on you for sympathy :) I think your idea of charging at the gym is a *great* idea!

    Sylvia: The pogo stick actually looks like a great way to impale onself.

    chemgirljaime: It hurts so good, really :)

  8. Your blog made my day! I love it! I'm so glad you stopped by with FTLOB!

  9. I loved your comment! And your illustrations are awesome! I would be so terrible at all of those exercises, I am allergic to the treadmill.

  10. I LOVE the bosu ball! I do all of my weights on that! So so fun and excellent core strengthener! :)

  11. HAHA Dreadmill! Physio sounds awful, but your photos make it look hilarious. I hope you're having a good day so far :)

  12. I used to love the pogo ball, and now that you mention it, I have no idea why. They were like a more dangerous pogo stick. Most of those exercises would have killed me, not to mention the electrocution! Hope those things are working. Regardless, you're making your rehab incredibly entertaining.

  13. I used to love the pogo ball, and now that you mention it, I have no idea why. They were like a more dangerous pogo stick. Most of those exercises would have killed me, not to mention the electrocution! Hope those things are working. Regardless, you're making your rehab incredibly entertaining.

  14. As always, laughing my butt off. I hated stability balls for forever ... until I used them for PT for my back, and my abs were so sore I thought for sure they'd morph me into a super triathlete. They didn't, but I came to appreciate those things.

  15. Walking on the treadmill doesn't sound like much fun... and then to not even turn it on??? I think I'll pass! :)

  16. Yes, I am old enough to remember the Pogo-ball-thing. Couldn't do it then, let alone now.

  17. Dude, sideways on the treadmill? I can barely go forwards without being attacked by gravity!

  18. Whitney: Aw, thanks! That's very sweet :D Thanks for returning the comment love!

    Kate: Thank you! Maybe I should be "allergic" too. So, um, can I expect you guys this evening? I have some shirts I'd like to wear this week.

    Candice: I know it's very good. I am impressed though, you must have abs of steel!

    Janelle: Thanks! Yes, it's been a good day :) Physio sounds bad but really it's so helpful!

    Pickleope: Hahaha! Well I would think that if you kept your balance it would be fun. Things seem to be getting better and at least there's always something to write about :)

    Lora: Thanks :) I agree, if I could build some skill with that ball I'd be unstoppable!

    KSK: You're right, walking on the dreadmill is boring. Trying to make it work when it's off at least makes it more interesting though :D

    Allie: Thanks for making me feel better about the Pogo Ball!

    Crystal: Gravity is a total b!t*#.

  19. Good for you working so hard after the injury! I know that can be really hard to do. But keep on going, and yes, watch out for those phalanges. Of course you would quote on of my fave Friends quotes of all time :)

  20. i have been following you for a bit now & am sorry to say that i am just getting around to telling you how much i just adore your posts which always make me smile, giggle, and/or laugh -- sometimes all at once!

    your illustrations are just perfect & i love that you tell it like it is with such a coolio twist of humor!

    although the bosu balls sounds like something i def need in my life --- it scares the bejesus outta me!

    misadventures of a chunky goddess

  21. Can I just say as someone who loves exercise, I am so envious you get to do all this? I would love to try these things but can't even afford a gym membership!

  22. Thanks for visiting my blog via comment love day!

    I used ti have a pogo ball when I was a kid, how I never broke any bones is a mystery!

    Like your blog! following!

  23. Medicine balls don't bounce off of ANYTHING! I hear ya!

    Best of luck with the physio! Hope things get better.

  24. Texa: Thanks, yeah I'm trying to keep my eye on the prize (back to training) but it for sure gets frustrating. Of course we both love that quote, we have brilliant senses of humour :D

    Cyn: Thanks for that! The bosu ball is good, as long as you don't fall off :)

    Christa: Well you can always get an injury and go for PT too ;) Seriously though, it is good to learn how to change what I'm doing so I can get better.

    danjor21: I'm impressed that you lived to tell the tale :) Glad you're here!

    Kurt: No kidding dude! And congrats on the marathon!!

  25. This physio sounds so fun, not gonna lie! She definitely gives you some challenges! I love the picture of you on the TM and your PT waving her finger saying "nope!"

  26. I remember watching people at the gym on that ball and thanking my lucky stars I was on the OTHER side of the gym and NOT paying a trainer to humiliate me in public with it. It seriously looked difficult.
    But the pogo ball? Not that was good fun even if it did involve a face full of chipped teeth.

  27. Christina: Yes, I do have fun at my visits, *and* she makes me work really hard.

    VV: Oh yes. Well, lucky for me I don't have a trainer with me, so I just get to humiliate myself without anyone yelling at me. Chipped teeth eh? Perhaps that's a blog story?

  28. Oh my goodness your pictures are histarical. (I hope that's the right spelling of the word) I once had an injury and got a ton of ultrasound on my knee and never really understood what the heck it was supposed to be doing. Love your blog!

  29. This is JUST AMAZING!!! Your photos helped me understand this post(i know english, but some words aren´t familiar to me) so... thanks.... i am your new follower.... I am so happy i found your blog!!!

  30. Dee: Thanks :) I think ultrasound increases blood flow to the are to promote faster healing. But I could be totally wrong on that.

    Iloshka: Pictures always make things better, right? Glad you're here!

  31. It is hilarious that you have a Dreadmill...I have one too! I have called it that for years! Thanks for visiting my blog...maybe if I traded my time spent on my sewing machine in for some exercise pants (which I would have to hem as well)...I would be better off!!! :-) Happy weekend!

  32. hehehe! well-aslong as it is all helping !

  33. wow! what a great post (you made me laugh!) and what an adventure! I'm sending love from For The Love Of Blogs. love your drawings. I've a scketchbook project to start, you made me feel at ease with it ;) hope you get well soon. xxo

  34. OMG, those pictures are hysterical! Here's hoping your healing quickly and seeing beautiful!

  35. Jeri Lynne: Yes, I'm not really a huge fan of the mill, but these days if it will get me closer to running again I'll do it!

    Robyn: It definitely is!

    Ana: Thanks! Glad I helped make your project seem more manageable :)

    Lydia: Thanks so much! I'm on my way to being better :)

  36. The pictures or cartoons are so funny! I am glad you can take a funny approach to exercising. Stopping by from the blog hop (although late) and following you thru GFC, RSS Reader and Facebook. I would love a follow back when you get the chance. Thanks so much for your help and have a great week!


  37. I AM a child of the 80's and now I NEED a pogo ball. Those things were the best fucking toys ever.

  38. mmbear: I'd never exercise otherwise :)

    Amanda: You were one of *those* girls won't you? :D

  39. Hm, let's try that again: Amanda, you were one of *those* girls, WEREN'T you.

    That's better. Geez, I should finish my coffee before I start typing :)


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