Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And Now...

...for something completely different.

Well, not completely.  There will still be drawings, but they won't be just about me.  Today I'm guest posting over at Half Past Wonderful!  Yvonne is an aspiring photographer and has a great eye.  Oh, and it turns out she's starting a triathlon training program so a lot of you guys will have things in common with her!

Of course I could never post without a picture, so here's just a tease from the guest story:

Yvonne is a cool chick (she rides a MOTORCYCLE you guys!) so have a look around while you're there and don't forget to say hello!

Now off you go!

Oh, and just one more thing:  I am 2 (two) (deux) (dos!) followers away from 200, at which point I will be doing a giveaway.  I also reached 10,000 hits over the weekend! Yay! And thanks y'all :)


  1. Ha, ok, HAVE to check it out. Because one of your stick figures is gagging themselves :)

  2. congrats about your 200 and 10000 :D ... Good Luck!! I love your pics... and I am trying roght now to make one.... oh my GOD.... it is so difficult! :P

  3. This guest post will surely get you to your much deserved goal. Congrats! Off to check out your beautiful work over at Half Past Wonderful.

  4. You can count me as #199! I was subscribed via Google Reader, but now I'm linked through GFC also just because your drawings (and writing) are that awesome!

  5. :) Congrats!!! Off to check out you guest post! :)

  6. Texa: Glad you went over there--hope you liked it!

    Iloshka: Thanks! Yeah, it takes some practice :)

    Pickleope: You are too kind! I am close, but no cigarillo.

    Eat. Live. Laugh: Thank you :)

    Megan: Yay!! Thanks girl!

    KSK: Thank you--hope you enjoyed your visit over at Yvonne's site :)

  7. 200??? That's awesome! Can I follow you twice? Cause I totally would. Off to check out your guest post.

  8. I can't resist a good teaser picture! I bet you'll get to 200 pretty fast if you are guest posting!

  9. VV: Actually I got 2 new followers yesterday...and am at 199. Someone doesn't want a giveaway apparently :P
    I also saw that you're following Yvonne now :)

    runningonwords: no luck yet over here but glad you're checking out Yvonne's site!

  10. Amanda: You're the 200th follower! It's time for me to write up a giveaway post (assuming no one stops following :D ) And thanks for checking out the guest post!

  11. Hey girll!!! my twitter is crazy so I figured I could reach you on here before I go stalk your guest post! <3

    the countertops are black, white, and a variety of neutral brown and grey speckles in between. No actual color is ANYWHERE in the kitchen, its ridiculously blank stale territory here. haha! Which is awesome b/c anything will work. but awful bc ANYTHING working means too many decisions! haha =)

  12. I had to come follow a fellow bodyrocker! I saw on a comment you left somewhere you were one! I love BodyRock

  13. Christy: Cool, thanks! i have to admit it's been some time since I've been on there since I hurt myself (not doing her workouts but I couldn't do them after that). Off to check out your site :)


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