Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Wanna Rock!

So, a few months ago TriGuy made an offhand comment asking me if I would want to run the Rock and Roll Half.  I might have mumbled something like:

Several weeks after that, I got an email:

Say whaaaa???  Apparently TriGirl and TriGuy were going to run a half.

The week of the race was upon us.  I was not really prepared, but knew I could run that distance, I mean I've done it two whole times in my entire life.  We went to the expo the day before and I had my first bloggy meetup!  I perused the expo and went to lunch with some seriously in-shape runners!

They were (from left to right):

Mel from Tall Mom on the Run who ran the half just for fun.
Jess from Blonde Ponytail who also ran it just for fun.
Amanda from 5 Miles Past Empty; also ran it for fun.
Stacie from Impossible is Nothing who is a Half Fanatic.
Kerrie from Mom vs. Marathon who ran the full marathon.
Jill from Running to Sanity and her friend Diana. FULL MARATHON for them too!!

(Who ARE these women???? I want to be like them.)

Chelsea from Will Run for Food was sidelined by an injury but was a great cheerleader right by mile 7!

Morning of, TriGuy and I got up at 3:30 a.m., had a quick breakfast, and we were off!  We parked the car and started walking toward the plethora of shuttle busses that would take us to the race.  After waiting about 5 minutes we hopped on with a group of people.

We then proceeded to drive by HUNDREDS of racers who had been lining up for easily 30 minutes on the other side of the building.


The lady sitting beside me confessed she was just a bit nervous.  She had only run a distance of 6 miles to date.  I did my best to not look horrified be supportive.

I discussed this while in line with someone else a bit later who had only ever logged 3 miles! I think it was harder for me to conceal my reaction that time.

I really hope those ladies didn't hurt themselves.

The race started right on time at 7 a.m.    TriGuy was supposed to start in corral 11 and I was to start in corral 27.  There were at least 38 corrals for the 26 THOUSAND runners (that's thousand with a "tttthhhhh").  

Anyway, TriGuy decided to run with me, which was awesome sauce!  And it only took a scant 40 minutes for our corral to make it to the start line!  



  1. I'm so glad I got to meet you. I love your blog, but I am jealous of Chelsea's portrait. J/K. She rocks!

  2. Oh, my lord, this is awesome. It might become my new work computer background at work.


    I'm *so* glad you met us at the expo - I can't wait to read your blog and twitter and meet up with you to run!!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS... your pictures are exactly what they all look like! That is unreal! Quite possibly the funniest race recap I have ever read. You are fantastic!!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS... your pictures are exactly what they all look like! That is unreal! Quite possibly the funniest race recap I have ever read. You are fantastic!!

  5. okay, it is my dream that we meet someday and I get to be one of your drawings like them! So very cute and you had the coolest blogger meet up ever! I can't believe there were people who only 3 or 6 miles, like you said I hope they didn't hurt themselves. Let's hope they walked a lot of it. And thousands is just soooo crazy. Seattle is the only one that sold out thus far this year I believe

  6. Kerrie: Thanks! I'm so glad to have met everyone! Yeah, I guess Chelsea lucked out--her consolation prize for not being able to run :)

    Chelsea: Hehe, glad you like it :D Yes, we should plan a run!

    skippinginseattle: Thank you!!

    Meg: We most certainly need to meet up so i can draw us hanging out together! I can't imagine going more than double my training distance. Crazy.

  7. Hehehe! I like that you get ninja mail! :)
    Looking forward to the race recap!

  8. 26,000!!! Oh my goodness, that is a good way of course. And how many great bloggers and runners are there?! That is really cool too! I cannot wait for the recap!!!

  9. TOTALLY JEALOUS OF THE NINJA GMAIL! It rocks that TriGuy went with you. I always wanted my hubbleface to run with me, he's not to into it. Awesomesauce!

  10. Wow, only 3 and 6 miles!? Those women are bananas. I couldn't imagine trying a half with such short long runs (admittedly my 12 miles pre-half is probably a little longer than necessary, but still). 40 minutes from corral to start is insane. I waited 12 and thought I was going to lose my mind.

  11. KSK: I do like my ninjas :) I should get to work on drawing the next post!

    Texa: Yeah, it was insane in the membrane! But also kinda cool to have the same goal as 25,999 others. Apparently running blogs are kind of a big deal :)

    Meghan: They're so cool, eh? Yeah this was the first race we ran together. It was his first half but he is way faster than me and just breezed through at my pace.

    runningonwords: Yup, totes bananas. That's what i thought too. I ran 11-point-something about a month before the race, then a 10 miler a couple of weeks before. Not exactly a stellar plan but a far cry from 3 or 6 miles. You must have run fast to start so early on!

  12. Your "supportive" face and your "non concealed reaction" face made me literally laugh out loud. I need the next part, stat!!!!

  13. What? There are people who run half-marathons for FUN?? This is clearly some new defintion of 'fun' with which I'm unfamiliar ...

    Thanx for your comment about my contribution to Texa's blogpost today!!

  14. just found your that you are trying to be athletic...better than not being anything!

  15. Wow, sounds like a huge race! You are so ambitious and inspiring. Oh, and I can't imagine registering for a 1/2 only having logged 3 miles...insane!

  16. Dwija: Hehe, then my work here is done :) I only have 2 pics left to do for the recap post.

    Red: Oh I know, some people are just on a different stratosphere than me. And I loved your Frackin' Friday post! I get the feeling I'd be doing a lot of "What was that?" and "Come again?" if I visited your neck of the woods :)

    Athletes4Life: You're right. Though some days doing nothing feels so good!

    Lindsay: Thanks! What a nice thing to say! It really was a huge race but so much fun! And I don't know how people jump up their mileage like that--I'd be scared of really hurting myself.

  17. Awesome Sauce? *lol* What a cool term!
    How neat you met up with the other running/blogging bloggers. That must have been cool.

  18. Bernie: Yup, it was cool. You could say it was 'awesome sauce' :P

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